Thursday, February 23, 2012

snot and songbirds

YUCK.  Caroline’s been under the weather this week, getting worse each day (at least getting snottier and grumpier each day!), and Eli woke up this morning with a fever.  Sick kids are no fun, but WHINEY sick kids are just awful-waffle.  We’ve tried to have fun staying home – playdough, coloring, movies, reading – but in the end it’s still a messy pile of criers laying on my lap, rubbing snot all over the place. For everyone’s sake, I hope this doesn’t last much longer! I’m pretty sure my patience is being tested just as heartily as their antibodies are.

 2 sick kids meant no Joy School, today, but Patrick still loves singing “I’ve got Joy,” one of our favorite songs from school.  We sing it often (and loudly) enough that Caroline has caught on – she chimes in “ooooohhhhhh, baahhh” during the pauses.  I tried for 10 minutes straight to get it on camera, but no luck, just lots of singing from Patrick and I.

Eli, aside from his recent sickness, is doing well – when we ripped out the carpet in their bedroom Joe took down the crib and now Eli sleeps in the trundle.  So far so good (it’s only been 2 nights and 1 nap) but we’re looking forward to building some bunk-beds in the near future.  Yep, building, DON’T ASK. But even before being sick he’s gotten in a nasty habit of whining for things instead of asking.  For instance, on Tuesday the Patrick went to Joy School at R’s house so she teaches the big kids and I watch the little ones, Adam and Benson and my own.  Adam was taking an unexpected afternoon nap and as we pulled away with Benson but no Adam, Eli whined “where Adaaaam?!?”
“He’s at home sleeping.”
“Where Adaaaam?!?”
“He’s at home, sleeping.”
“Where Bensaahhhn!??”
“Uhhhhh, he’s right next to you.”
“Where meeee?!?”

That’s it, we’ve reached the height of whine! Let's fast-forward to being well now, eh?


Kari and Jonathan said...

Yep, we're dealing with sickness here too and the whining is definitely a patience tester. Especially from Addilyn ;) lets get out allllll the crummies before Junction, mmkay?

Schmidt Family said...

So we built bunkbeds for our kids and they are very sturdy , We got the plans from . She has great plans for furniture!