Sunday, December 20, 2009

I'm stuffed

Patrick really likes sleeping with all his stuffed animals. He asks for each, one at a time, by making that animal's noise, and he can't sleep until he has them all :) My li'l hoarder.

Saturday, December 19, 2009


Patrick not only generously shares his toys with Eli, he tries to share his favorite hobbies... like shoes. And pony rides.

Kinda funny how much Patrick and Eli look alikewith their arms tucked under, huh? Hadn't noticed that until I posted them side-by-side!

Just like daddy!

I never got around to posting a couple pics after our last snowstorm - daddy was home, so Patrick helped out while I got to enjoy the warm indoors as they toiled away in the freezing cold. Patrick loves being just like his dad, no matter what time of year (see? remember this photo from camping this summer?)

Monday, December 14, 2009


Now this looks uncomfortable, doesn't it? This kiddo sleeps anywhere. any time (except when I want to go to bed - he likes to stay up late after an 8:00 power nap).

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Trucking right along

We found a new use for the tonka truck since the sandbox is snowed over - hauling baby brothers! Watch out for that dumping action, Eli!


Happy birthday to us, Happy birthday to us, Happy birthday me and Joey, Happy birthday to us!
Joe and I just turned 26 together - whoo-hoo! His birthday was Saturday, mine was Tuesday, and both were spent relaxing at home together. With the frigid weather, I even got a cozy fire to relax in front of for mine! Joe took the day off work for my birthday - best present ever! So he entertained Patrick while Eli slept and I got to catch up on scrapbooking (he'd have to entertain Patrick for about 3 weeks straight if I were to catch up on ALL my scrapbooking!) and some *light* reading (back to trucking away on Les Miserables). Needless to say, it was wonderful. Hooray for birthdays and thoughtful husbands!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

22 months

I was pretty hit-and-miss getting Patrick's photos done at regular intervals (the same way I was hit-and-miss with doctor's appointments... oops!) so I wanted to get started on the right foot with Eli. Not wanting a full-blown photo shoot, I set up my own little corner this morning and Eli obliged with an exceptionally long awake period and his usual mellow attitude. Patrick had his own ideas, though, and wouldn't put away his book (can't be mad at that!) or look at the camera, so these were the best I got. We interchange "ladybug" for "spider" in the first song because I hate spiders, and Patrick loves ladybugs, so it works better for both of us. I'll be posting Eli's one-month photos tomorrow and definitely getting a professional sitting for Patrick's 2-year pics.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Look out, Lance Armstrong!

Okay, by the time Patrick masters a bike Lance Armstrong will be retired, but does anyone actually know any other famous bikers I could threaten with this kid's new tires? Yeah, I thought not. Once he can reach the pedals maybe Patrick will just have to take that spot :) The new Radio Flyer is compliments of yet another early Santa stop (like our garage door opener and our new trees - Thanks, Debbie and John!)
Mount up!
Or be a daredevil and join the circus.
Success! Oh, wait, those pedals are just a little too far...
Forget it, I'll just push it around!

Dressed to impress

I've had more some fun dressing up Eli, and the poor guy has a lot more torture to look forward to with Christmas and cold weather coming up!
Too-cute turkey - thanks, mom!
1st day at church, complete with a tie :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

The obligatory Thanksgiving post

I feel thankful every day for the good things I've got, but it certainly is nice to have a specific day to celebrate those things by eating copious amounts of food and visiting with family (no matter how difficult they may be to be around). Something I'm thankful for is funny stories! Here are a few from our Thanksgiving weekend:

We waited until today to cook and eat Thanksgiving dinner because Joe's parents came into town to stay with us, but didn't arrive until later in the afternoon on Thursday. The arrangement was fine since Joe had Friday off work, but we got confused at everyone celebrating while we were not! With all day to kill and beautiful weather outside we decided to do our Saturday Taco Bell date early, then go feed the ducks at the park. We got Patrick all excited to eat a cheesy roll-up, but as we pulled into the parking lot we noticed a serious lack in cars. Like, none. Taco Bell is definitely closed on Thanksgiving. Scrap the burritos, let's go get Burger King! Oh, no, they're closed, too! Chic-Fil-A? No. Wendy's? No. Pizza Hut? KFC? Panda Express? No, no, NO! These are all restaurants we pass on our way to the park, we were just hoping to hit ONE open one before we got there, but no such luck. We decided to press on anyway, go feed the ducks and then have lunch back at home, but when we turned around in our seats to get Patrick excited to see ducks instead of lunch, he was passed out. We went home with no lunch, no ducks, and a greater appreciation for how many people get the holiday off!

With Joe's parents in town we were able to take advantage of their years of parenting experience and leave the kiddos with them while we saw New Moon (FINALLY!!). I fed Eli before we left, but he got hungry (as infants often do) before we got home, so Debbie went to make him a bottle. She layed Eli on the couch and explained to Patrick, who was in the same room, that Eli was hungry so she would make him a bottle. Patrick then offered his own services to Eli and laid down next to him and lifted up his shirt so he could nurse. How sweet!

Patrick still loves his little brother to death - in fact, we're nervous he WILL love Eli to death since he continues to sprawl his whole body over Eli's to give him hugs and kisses. We've been working on getting him to lay NEXT TO Eli instead, and results are mixed:
How much harm could an arm do? One thing's for sure: I sure am thankful for the safe arrival of this guy... ...and for ALL my boys!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Poker Face

I probably wouldn't normally choose Lady Gaga for my blog song, but Patrick LOVES this song because he can sing along with "ma-ma-ma-ma." I think it's hilarious! So there ya have it. Now dance along, you know you want to! :)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Sleeping Beauty

Besides having a mini-me of my own, possibly the coolest part about Eli is how conked-out he is. This kid sleeps like you wouldn't believe! In fact, I DON'T believe it, I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop where we have sleepless nights and no-nap crying-jag days, but so far? SLEEP. About 21 hours a day! Of course, now that I'm writing this (and now that he's 2 weeks old, as of yesterday) the sleeping will cease, but what is childhood if not constant change? So anyway, he's really been putting Patrick to shame - 2 nights ago Eli went to bed at 8:00 and woke up twice to eat before getting up for the day at 6:00; Patrick went to bed at the same time, with a struggle, and woke up three times during the night, then got up for the day at 5:00. WHAT? It's ridiculous. But for now I'm counting my blessings that I get as much sleep as I do with two crazy kiddos, it's been a wonderful two weeks, and now Eli doesn't really look like a NEW newborn since his yucky belly-button fell off today! Hooray! Bring on bathtime!

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Patrick is Joe's mini-me, which I've blogged about a few times. When people as if Eli looks like Patrick, the answer is definitely 'no,' but I wasn't sure he looked like me until my mom brought up my baby book. When I opened to my newborn picture I said "ohhhh, THAT'S who he looks like!" Finally, I have someone to call my own :)

Me, newborn
Eli, the new guy in town

Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Big Brother Day!

OK, so there is no such day, but we wanted to celebrate not just the big change for US of adding Eli to the family, but the big change for Patrick to become a Big Brother. While I was pregnant we planned on throwing it in anticipation of the transition being much more difficult for him, with much more attention being focused on Eli and mom. As it turned out, I'm recovering very quickly (don't get me wrong, it still hurts to sit from standing, or to stand from sitting! But it's relatively quick) and Eli has been sleeping like a log so he only needs attention to nurse or get a new diaper, plus Patrick seems to LOVE his new brother, so the transition has been pretty easy! Still, Who doesn't like a little extra attention now and then? So we had a few friends over, baked a yummy cake, and Joe bought him the best gift ever (and with how much Joe likes to give gifts, it was amazing he held off giving it to Patrick for 3 days while we waited for the party!)

"I'm a big brother" - sometimes it's easiest to just state the obvious
Not just a cool present, it comes in cool wrapping paper!
Ripping away
Already putting it to good use! The weather was nice enough to take it into the sandbox
Check out that dumping action!
I tried to make the car red, and I used an entire bottle of red food coloring and it only turned BRIGHT PINK! So I added some yellow and made do with a coral-colored car. We'll definitely use this cake mold again for his birthday, it was a huge hit with Patrick!
This was much more interesting to watch than him barely picking at his first-birthday cake. Finally! Some messy recognition for my efforts!
And now, the reason for the party - there's a LITTLE brother in town! Plus, check out my cool new haircut. It's actually much cooler when it's washed, my morning got a little crazy, what with the pink frosting not cooperating. I was going to wait until about 3 months post-pardum to cut it, after the pregnancy face fluff (ok, chubbiness) went away but before I started losing copious amounts of hair. Turns out, my face didn't thicken up quite like it did with Patrick, so I got to do it early!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Eli Joseph Jacobs
Born November 2, 2009 at 12:45 PM
7 lbs, 12 oz
21 inches long
Gorgeous dark mullet :)
Handsome man
Proud parents!
We forgot my contacts at home so I wore glasses the whole time after labor (didn't need anything while I was closing my eyes!)
Where did he go? Can't see him in those camo pants!
Eli posts his first blog on a keyboard that's bigger than him!
Such a little man in big daddy's arms!
A VERY happy big brother!

We have blastoff!

FIRST: We had our baby!
SECOND: I apologise that there are no pictures associated with this post, but the computer in the hospital's lounge doesn't have a card reader for camera cards :( I'll get some up as soon as we get home (hopefully tonight!)
THIRD: Mom and baby are doing GREAT, and this is their story!

I did my induction cocktail (shaken, no stirred) on Sunday evening. No, I didn't buy castor oil, I borrowed it from a friend; yes, it was yucky, but not nearly as bad as I'd imagined. It's like drinking olive oil. My oil-lending friend informed me the reason it brings on labor is because it dehydrates you; now, I didn't have any cravings during pregnancy except lots of ice cold water, so I knew dehydration wouldn't be a great way to start my labor and I drank lots of fluids anyway, but thought the "cleansing" effect might be a useful addition... and, since I DID go into labor, perhaps it was. Plus, now that it's OVER, I'm so glad to know I'm cleaned out for a couple days while I heal up! But moving right along...

Nothing much happened Sunday night, we just went to bed as usual and woke up way too early with Patrick - 5 a.m., as usual. As we were snuggling on the couch I started having sporadic contractions, anywhere from 3 minutes to 7 minutes apart, so when I heard Joe's alarm go off around 6:00 I let him know he wouldn't be going in to work that day - needless to say, he was VERY pleased! At that point I called Serena, my doula, to let her know things were on the move so she, too, should get on the move since it would take her an hour to drive down to our house (she lives up in Fort Collins). She did just so, but before an hour was up we were calling her back to tell her to turn around, we were getting in the car and would meet her at the hospital! This is when we learned what poor packers we were - I'd packed some things, but not others, and it was the important stuff (like phone numbers and my contacts and going-home clothes for the baby) that we left behind. Poor Joe was running into the house, then out to the car where I'd remind him of some OTHER important thing we forgot, so he'd run back in, and I'd remember something else, which he'd run in and couldn't FIND so I'd have to try to explain its location through gritted teeth and yet another contraction.... it was hilarious madness! Contractions were about 3 minutes apart and STRONG, so I was VERY nervous about our hour-long drive to the hospital - not because I thought I would be having the baby in the back of our car or anything but because I had planned on leaving when I was much more in control of the pain, not when it was coming one right after the other! We laid the seats down in the back (thank you, spacious Honda Pilot!) with a blanket and a pillow and I just did my best to not focus on anything. The best way for me to not focus was to close my eyes, and I pretty much stayed that way until after the baby was born - it was SO ANNOYING to look at anything! Everything from Joe's face to ceiling tiles was distracting, so I just made new best friends with the back of my eyelids. The side-effect to this was that I felt very tired - not to ruin the ending, but from start to finish it all lasted less than 8 hours, and closing your eyes for nearly 8 hours straight is like telling your body surely you must be tired, go to sleep. So there I was, in between pushing contractions at the end, nodding off! It was a straaaaange feeling. But I digress.

We got to the hospital without incident and met my doula who helped me get settled in while Joe took Patrick to the Halgren's to hang out. Thanks to the swine flu, no kids under 12 can visit the hospital (not that we would have wanted him there anyway), so we are very lucky to have such awesome friends to watch him for us! Upon admission I was already 7 centimeters so I was throwing a huge party for myself behind my tightly-closed eyelids - it was only 8 a.m., and I'd only been in labor for 3 hours! It took me 28 hours to get to 7 centimeters last time! With such great progress it was EASY to say no to an epidural - not that epidurals aren't awesome (the one I had with Patrick saved my sanity and my marriage), but I wanted nothing to slow my progress or put me at any SMIDGEN of a greater risk for a c-section, since VBACs can be sticky as is. I did, however, have them bring in the mid-grade drug, phentanol (spelling?), just in case things got unbearable. I worked on making it through one contraction at a time and when they checked me roughly an hour later I was 9 centimeters! So then it was easy to say no to phentanol because I was almost there, and what difference could it really make? It already hurt like the devil and instead of blocking the pain the nurses said it makes you feel loopy, like you're drunk. Why would I want to feel drunk?? Isn't that like the "Twilight Birth" they used to do? Also at 9 centimeters my doctor was pressuring me to break my water so he could check for meconium, and I was SO PROUD of myself that at such a crazy moment when I was in no shape to be making good decisions, I really put my foot down and said "no!" Like the epidural, things were already going so great and so smoothly, why would I want to mess with Mother Nature? She's obviously got a good thing going! As much as I wasn't TRYING to have a zero-interference birth, there it was. Only one centimeter to go.

I think it was because things had gone so quickly that I was really in quite a good mood, still cracking jokes between contractions at 9 centimeters - not good jokes, but any sense of humor is a big deal! And what I kept talking about was orange chicken from Panda Express - nothing has ever sounded so good to me in my LIFE! All I wanted was to get to 10 and push that baby the heck out of me so Joe could run out and get me a huge order of it with chow mien. Unfortunately, pushing was the longest and least pleasant part of my whole day. Wait.... possibly my whole life. Giving birth is an amazing experience and I'm on cloud 9 at how perfectly everything went, but I will not lie to you and tell you it was pleasant at all. Like I said, I kept falling asleep, but then a horrible contraction would force me back to reality where I had to get a baby out of me somehow! I was very unwilling to get from point A to point B - as much as contractions hurt, I knew (roughly - turns out I underestimated) what was on the horizon! And when I was trying my hardest and the horizon just kept moving with me so I wasn't getting any closer I was pretty ticked that there was no "I give up!" button available. I kept making deals with the nurse and my doula - "OK! 3 more awesome pushes, but then I'm done!" 3 awesome pushes later they'd say, "that's great, we can see his head!" Spurred on, I promised 2 more awesome pushes, and 2 pushes later: "that's great, we can see his head!" Ummm, DUH!! You could see it 2 pushes ago! What am I doing all this work for?!?

While I was pushing and squeezing my eyes closed like I never wanted to see the light of day again, I was also chewing holes into Joe's sleeve, and once I accidentally bit him along with his shirt! I felt bad because I bit HARD... but considering my own recovery ahead, he got off pretty unscathed, I'd say. Joe was an excellent support this time, something I also largely attribute to a quick 'n dirty delivery, and I really did my best to hold up my end of the bargain where labor didn't turn me into a Royal B. This time, having a baby brought us together instead of creating an ongoing argument - hooray! He gripped my hand and let me chew his shirt and kinda laughed as I spouted obscenities and yelled "get him out!" during the really painful pushes (so, just about every single one). I think he got kinda freaked out when I started screaming at the end - I admit it, I screamed like a bad delivery scene in a cheesy movie. My body just couldn't contain all that energy and pain, and I had to let everyone else know about it. This is really when my doula was there for me; I was freaking out because of obvious circumstances and Joe was freaking out because I was freaking out, but SHE was totally unfazed and got me to re-start my breathing to make better use of my air supply. Thank you, Serena! I would have hyperventilated without you! All said and done, I pushed a little less than 2 hours, which isn't terribly bad, but it was a full quarter of the entire labor, so can you see why it felt like it took FOREVER? Yeah. My doctor wasn't quite ready to deliver when I was (after 2 hours? GET READY!) so Eli's head was out and he's still pulling gloves on, calmly telling me to hold off and not push for about 3 more minutes... I got pretty sarcastic with him about then and pushed anyway. Nobody's gonna let the baby fall on the floor, gloves or no gloves! He (Eli) delivered beautifully and got to be with me immediately, which was nice - after a c-section the surgeons work on you, the nurses work on cleaning and weighing the baby, and you just hang out with your rear end in the breeze, waiting (and freezing and the O.R.). This was much better!

Everything looks ship-shape from here - Eli has been sawing logs since he was born, giving me ample time for an evening nap yesterday and a full night of sleep last night - I had to get HIM up to eat, which worked out since I was up for about 4 times to use the bathroom - apparently I have not lost my desire for all the ice-cold water I can get my hands on, as anyone who walks into my room can see by the 3 giant jugs of it on my side table. My own recovery is much more straight-forward this time, and I only have 3 very small tears instead of an 8-inch scar with stitches and staples, all oozing goop. The nurse will do a final assessment of Eli this afternoon before we can be released, but we should be at home in our own beds (with our handy-dandy card reader to upload photos) this evening. We're feeling great and looking forward to showing him off! Stay tuned!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

castor oil

In anticipation of my actual due date I decided to try a few things to up my chances of actually having a baby! So tonight we had a spicy dinner, some pleasant after-dinner conversation with my breast pump, and a little castor oil for dessert - yummmmm. It's only been a few hours so I'm not saying anything has or has not worked, but that castor oil is definitely doing SOMETHING, so it might be a long night even without labor! Whew! Be glad you're not hanging out with me tonight.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

On Monday it was a little brisk, but sunny and gorgeous for late October in Colorado, so we spent our afternoon outside doing this:

Today was a little (just a little!) bit chillier, but we still hauled ourselves outdoors, dressed to the nines. We were lucky enough to find an awesome snowsuit in Patrick's size at Goodwill, in red! His favorite color! He really liked 'em, and is excited to wear a hat whenever there's preciptation (or even a strong wind) to protect his head.

He figured out snowballs on his own, but didn't have to figure out not to throw them at me! I got to shovel the driveway in peace while he pelted our yard with mini snowballs.