Friday, November 27, 2009

The obligatory Thanksgiving post

I feel thankful every day for the good things I've got, but it certainly is nice to have a specific day to celebrate those things by eating copious amounts of food and visiting with family (no matter how difficult they may be to be around). Something I'm thankful for is funny stories! Here are a few from our Thanksgiving weekend:

We waited until today to cook and eat Thanksgiving dinner because Joe's parents came into town to stay with us, but didn't arrive until later in the afternoon on Thursday. The arrangement was fine since Joe had Friday off work, but we got confused at everyone celebrating while we were not! With all day to kill and beautiful weather outside we decided to do our Saturday Taco Bell date early, then go feed the ducks at the park. We got Patrick all excited to eat a cheesy roll-up, but as we pulled into the parking lot we noticed a serious lack in cars. Like, none. Taco Bell is definitely closed on Thanksgiving. Scrap the burritos, let's go get Burger King! Oh, no, they're closed, too! Chic-Fil-A? No. Wendy's? No. Pizza Hut? KFC? Panda Express? No, no, NO! These are all restaurants we pass on our way to the park, we were just hoping to hit ONE open one before we got there, but no such luck. We decided to press on anyway, go feed the ducks and then have lunch back at home, but when we turned around in our seats to get Patrick excited to see ducks instead of lunch, he was passed out. We went home with no lunch, no ducks, and a greater appreciation for how many people get the holiday off!

With Joe's parents in town we were able to take advantage of their years of parenting experience and leave the kiddos with them while we saw New Moon (FINALLY!!). I fed Eli before we left, but he got hungry (as infants often do) before we got home, so Debbie went to make him a bottle. She layed Eli on the couch and explained to Patrick, who was in the same room, that Eli was hungry so she would make him a bottle. Patrick then offered his own services to Eli and laid down next to him and lifted up his shirt so he could nurse. How sweet!

Patrick still loves his little brother to death - in fact, we're nervous he WILL love Eli to death since he continues to sprawl his whole body over Eli's to give him hugs and kisses. We've been working on getting him to lay NEXT TO Eli instead, and results are mixed:
How much harm could an arm do? One thing's for sure: I sure am thankful for the safe arrival of this guy... ...and for ALL my boys!


Kari and Jonathan said...

Cute stories! Especially pj trying to nurse!!! Love it.

hibiscusgirl said...

oh that is hilarious! aren't most tricky tummy (chinese) restaurants open on tday? I hope Max loves his brother/sister as much as Patrick seems to! I love the nursing - that's awesome & they should know what boobs are for!