Saturday, May 29, 2010

Whoa, baby!

It's been a month since I updated, sorry 'bout that! It's certainly not because we haven't been busy. We've had LOTS of projects, mostly in our yard, like removing rocks and laying sod and gardening (both shown here),plus Joe put together a picnic table for our patio. This has kept us busy almost every single day! Since time is of the essence outside, our interiors have been pretty neglected, except for 2 great things: a new stove and a new vaccum. Cooking and cleaning are fun again! Our biggest update, though, is that we're expecting again! A found out about 2 weeks ago with a home test, then had a doctor's appointment this week when I found out I'm already 10 weeks! The ultrasound was crazy, it was a BABY, not a little blob! It was kicking its legs around (on the left-hand side of the picture) and I could see the fingers. I was very excited to show the images to Joe, but unfortunately they printed out pretty blurry. Back home I googled what a fetus looks like at 10 weeks; their images were a lot more clear!Being 10 weeks already, I was pretty excited thinking I was out of the woods, the 1st trimester is almost over and I haven't felt a thing! Then last night and today hit, and morning sickness hit me like a ton of bricks. I am underneath that pile. To anyone who's had morning sickness, I'm SO SORRY! It is absolutely horrible, one day of it is more than enough for me and this particular day I haven't had to take care of my kids for 5 minutes combined, thanks to family. If it persists, I am in for a few long weeks while Joe is at work all day. The past 14 hours aside, though, things are going really well. Patrick is very excited to have another sibling on the way, he is convinced he's getting a baby sister (considering I didn't have morning sickness with either boy, perhaps he's right). Eli is, of course, oblivious. Since I'm already 10 weeks, I'm actually due this year, December 22nd (happy birthday to my nephew William!) so they'll be 13 months apart; I doubt he'll be very aware that there is a big change even when the baby gets here. I only hope he's walking by then! So that's our big news, feel free to celebrate and get yourself a peice of cake, or a brownie, or whatever you've got at home (ginger-ale and crackers for me), and party along with us.