Sunday, February 20, 2011


Welp, kids are sick again. Last winter we had tons of trouble with Patrick getting sick and really just never recovering - all winter long. I'm hoping we're not back in that phase (though it's already the end of February, so it would probably be a much shorter never-ending recovery), but he has been back to breathing treatments with his nebulizer. BLAAAAHHHH.

The point of this post was not to complain about my life, I know we're pretty dang blessed (can I use "dang" and "blessed" in the same sentence, or is that lame? too teenager-ish?) and really it's only Patrick who's terribly under the weather. The POINT is to ask what other people do with their kids when they're sick. We've read just about every book we own and watched every episode of Dinosaur Train on Netflix, we've done some coloring pages and worked on his writing skills, so..... now what? He's not very artsy-craftsy, and it's just sad to see him lay on the floor and look at his dinosaurs rather than play with them, so any ideas?


We would not have succeeded as pioneers. It's been gorgeous, so I took the kids out in the red wagon they got for Christmas and Caroline cried all the way around the block, in spite of her big brother holding her so sweetly (seriously, you've gotta see it to believe how sweet on this girl he is) and her looking so adventurous in her hat. Eli refused to get out of the wagon when we got home. I only had enough energy to go around the block once. So I take it back, maybe Patrick would have made a good pioneer; he's the only one who made it from start to finish without a complaint.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Caroline catch-ups

Caroline just turned 2 months and she’s getting to be quite the looker! Of course, that’s my opinion and 1) I’m biased because I’m her mom, and 2) I’m a girl, and girls are often not good judges on the looks of other girls. So take that with a grain of salt. Anyway, she’s smiling quite a bit, which is SO fun! I love li’l toothless grins. She also jabbers quite a bit while she’s smiling, which is also tons of fun but quite impossible to catch on camera. She puts away her grins and coos as soon as you press “record” (typical of my kids, we’re not performers ‘round here). About this age Eli said “gee!” the most, which is why we call him Gee. At about 6 months old Patrick jabbered “fafafa” which is why we call him Fafa. If Caroline gets a nickname from her jabbers she will be known as Agooo, so be prepared. With Patrick talking, though, we follow his lead and call her Cawowine. He’s very sweet on her and stops what he’s doing, perks his head up and says “I hear Caroline! Can I go get her?” as soon as she squeaks. He often hears her before I do, like he’s just WAITING for her to wake up. While he fawns over her he lists off her tiny things – “she has tiny toes and tiny fingers and tiny ears and a tiny neck…” I suppose her neck is small compared to an adults, yes, but really it’s so surrounded by chub you can’t even see it. I don’t consider it tiny! Patrick made up a word to describe her and it sounds like it SHOULD be a word, but I don’t think it is: wigglish. See? You’re wondering too, aren’t you? Maybe I just don’t use “wiggle” and all its derivations commonly enough to be comfortable with what is and is not appropriate… but I’m pretty sure wigglish is made-up. But PERFECT to describe what a 2-month old is! Eli is still in love with her but has started to bully her as well. He will lay down next to her and give her slobbery kisses all OVER her face, leaving snot streaks as he goes, and then sit up and kick her in the head (seriously! kick. to. the. head.) After a diaper change this morning they were both on the floor and I got up to throw the diapers away; I returned to find him sitting on her like a horse. Hmmmmm…. NOT OK. Now that she’s starting to spend more awake time and needing some excersise (not unlike myself) I think I’ll have to lock them in separate areas of the house until she can defend herself against the tyrant. This last photo's for Kari - Caroline caught randomly sleeping, too! Must be because she's wearing Amelia's hand-me-downs :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Early Valentines

My mom thinks that no matter how many grandkids she has (she's up to 7) it is adorable and totally necessary to buy "baby's first..." outfits for the big holidays following a grandchild's birth. And she's right :) Necessary AND adorable! I dressed Caroline up Saturday because Joe would actually be home to see her, and I knew we'd be out and about so other people might see her (prideful much? Yup). Well, we went out to dinner as a family and she could have been seen, but we were the only people in the restaurant. Still, WE enjoyed her outfit immensely. Thanks, mom!

Sister Vejnar painted her toenails - so perfect!

The pants are adorable, but the tush was my favorite part! Unfortunately her un-cute bald spot is the same size as that very cute heart, so when you turn her around they sort of negate each other. Neither of our boys ever got a bald spot - poor girl! She's practically a monk!

When I got home from work (yep, I'm back!) Joe surprised me by already having Valentine's gifts - a mango-scented bath set, including bubble bath, which means I will GET to take a bubble bath all alone! No little naked people or bath toys in sight, and I am seriously looking forward to it. I'm not a lifelong fan of taking baths or anything, but just about anything "alone" sounds appealing after spending five 12-hour days alone with the kids. It's why I choose to clean the kitchen after dinner while Joe gets to put the kids to bed (if he's home early enough). Plus, he brought me two big bowls of chocolate candies, which means he DOES love me! Hooray! Happy Valentines!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Coulda, shoulda, woulda

We took a little jaunt this weekend from Thornton to Grand Junction to bless Caroline in my parent's ward (my home ward - memories!). The drive down was..... long. 9 hours. SHOULDA been 4 or less. Just out of Denver the traffic update signs said Frisco would be 3 hours 10 minutes. SHOULDA been a little over an hour, so we quickly decided to take a detour - it wouldn't save us TOO much time, but it would keep up out of ski traffic, take us to Fairplay and back up to I-70 drop us out in Dillon, past the hubbub. EXCEPT we hit a snag right before Fairplay - drat! A semi had jackknifed across the road about 5 miles before town and there was nowhere to backtrack to. It took an hour to clear the truck, and by then it was lunch so we stopped for an unplanned (but much needed) snack. Then the weather was wretched and roads were scary so the drive went slooooowly.

Oddly enough, it was a really nice trip! Caroline slept the entire time, the boys stayed in relatively good moods (I had lots of sugary snacks in an attempt to send them into a sugar coma) and Joe and I ignored them as much as possible while playing "20 questions." It was one of those moments where it was all about the journey, and not the destination :)

Here in Junction it has been short, but fun - lots of yummy food with lots of fun family! All the kids are sick with colds so they've been running around, coughing and sneezing on one another, wiping boogers who KNOWS where, but since everyone is sick we haven't had to worry about de-contaminating anyone! It's a weird kind of a win, I guess. I'll take whatever silver linings I can get.

Caroline looked gorgeous in her blessing gown, compliments of my mom, and good genes compliments of Joe. That man is producing children from my own womb that don't look a thing like me... except that Caroline has blue eyes. A win! And, like me, she can't live without her naps. Now we'll see how the drive home tomorrow is; maybe we can finally ACTUALLY win one, huh?