Monday, June 21, 2010


Joe called me on his way home Friday evening to suggest we go camping the next day. With summer growing more ripe by the moment, soon to be over-ripe, I kinda felt like "now or never!" so I happily packed us all up. We left Saturday afternoon after I worked 10-3, and we headed to Kelly-Dahl campground just west of Boulder. We'd checked out a few other National Forest campground, which were ALL BOOKED for weeks to come. First, who books a campsite? Then, who books weeks in advance? NOT the kind of camping we're used to. Kelly-Dahl looked promising, though, and sure enough, we got one of only TWO remaining campsites at the whole campground, and it was pretty nice. Patrick fell asleep on the drive up, he was so tuckered out from staying up late the night before insisting he was "done sweeping," and we go camping THAT NIGHT. Of course, even though we WERE camping when we woke up, he was in a typical post-nap grumpy funk and refused a nice picture with dad. Eli was trouble and would NOT stop sticking rocks/sticks/pinecones/dirt in his mouth, so we often had to confine him to the pack-n-play. Patrick had a great time, enjoyed his hot dog dinner, threw lots of sticks on the fire, and made sure to help us out by going potty with either of us every time we went. Fortunately, the latrine was very close to us. We didn't mind so long as it meant he would NOT have an accident in the sleeping bag (which he didn't). In spite of no accidents, the night was tough... Eli went to sleep great, but Patrick then insisted we were done camping and he wanted to sleep at home, so he didn't get to bed until about 11:00, when we went to bed ourselves. About 11:10 Eli woke up and I was on duty, trying to rock him back down and give him a bottle and whatnot, and he didn't truly fall asleep until 1:30 a.m. From 1:30 to 5:30 I FROZE (I'm a cold sleeper when I camp, no matter what I do), and then at 5:30 Eli woke up for the day. BLAHHHHH. It was a rough night for all of us, so we all took naps when we got home. As soon as we were up, in spite of his overwhelming excitement to be going camping, Patrick was excited to go back home. So excited he climbed in the car and yelled at us while we packed everything up. He would have been much happier if we had just left the tent up and the supplies lying around so we could have gotten out of there 30 minutes sooner. Of course, as soon as we got home, guess where he wanted to go? CAMPING. Well, in that nobody got hurt or killed, the camping expedition was a success, but Joe and I agreed that next time we are leaving the kids at home and WE are going camping by ourselves. We'll leave these cuties with a babysitter.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

updates on Eli

Eli is no longer stranded! He seems very physically motivated. He still prefers to army-crawl everywhere, but he's testing out crawling on his knees - a fun novelty, but slow since it's new. If there is anything laying on the floor (especially another person) he really likes to crawl OVER it rather than around; it's a nice challenge, and once over the top, he turns around to go back and do it again. He's working on taking on the stairs, and Patrick likes to sit at the top and cheer him on, "come ON, e-i! come ON!" Unfortunately, Patrick also cheers him on from the BOTTOM on the stairs, which is a terrible idea. He can pull himself from sitting to standing, and tries to do it on everything he can. And the day after I wrote about him getting stranded he showed ME what was up by switching from crawling to sitting, then sitting to crawling. Yeah, WHAT, mom! We're currently working on our next trick: standing unassisted! OK, so it's a long (I mean a long) way off, but it's sure something to look forward to.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wan Monas

Patrick is currently obsessed with "wan monas," also known as lawn mowers. He has one toy lawn mower, an old-school Fisher-Price popper which handily doubles as a lawn mower, and he has since adapted his scooter/pusher and Tonka dump truck as lawn mowers, too, for a total of 4 "Patrick wan monas." The obsession continues, and just the other day he pushed around a packet of wipes, toy cars, and anything else he could get his hands on and declared them all "monas." Every day he asks at least 30 times to "mow drass," even if we mowed yesterday. Even if we mowed THAT MORNING. We should definitely mow again! It has certainly upped my lawn care, which is good, and it is just darn cute when he helps. Joe came home mid-mow the other evening and snapped a few photos of us working away.
Making the ring around the tree
Back it up! Missed a spot!
...and we're on our way again!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


The Good: Joe is alright

The Bad: Joe got in an accident, which was his fault

The Ugly:

We'll find out Tuesday whether the car is totaled, we'll find out August 3rd at Joe's traffic court date how much the ticket is for, and in the meantime we'll try to figure out what to do. Keep the car? It still runs, after all. Total the car, take the cash, and make a downpayment for a used car? It's the most money we'll ever get for the car again, so maybe the time is ripe. We shall see. In the meantime, try not to make too much fun of me when I pull up in our beater! We're just a typical mormon family, driving it 'til the wheels fall off!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Staples, but not the store

I swear we do other things than just go to the doctor/ER... but lately that seems to be the hot topic on the blog. We were, once again, in the ER on Sunday night. While putting away non-maternity clothes (time to admit they just don't fit) and getting out the cute summer maternity stuff my sister lent me, Patrick was playing on our bed and he fell off - right into the rocking chair! He got a big gash on the side of his head, which, once we cleaned it up a bit, was obviously in need of stitches. We didn't manage to clean up his shirt, though, you can see the blood on it in the photo. I didn't grab a photo before we left (though I certainly could have - Patrick was upset for about 2 minutes, then just wanted to talk about it. "Faw down mama-dada bed. Bomp head. Big bomp, sad face."), but here is the aftermath: two staples. Doesn't look like much at all once they close it up! I guess that's the point, though... He was super-brave during the whole thing, and very matter-of-fact about going to the doctor yet again (which is good, since it seems to be a fact of life these days). He'll be able to get them out later this week or weekend, but until then, he's our happy little Frankenstein :)

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Eli woke up in the middle of the night, talked to himself for a bit, then started crying. It's not crazy, but it was unusual since since he's had no wake-ups for about 2 weeks, and he had such a big meal before dinner and went to bed late, so when I went to investigate I discovered he was stranded - sitting up! The first time he's done it by himself from laying down, so I think he didn't know how to get back down from being up (except for completely falling down, of course). Poor guy, I forgot about this silly stage!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Superwoman? I'm not so sure....

I've had a few people surprised to hear that I work, but really, don't be shocked. I don't work a lot. I'm a cashier at Bed, Bath, and Beyond where I close (5-10 pm) once a week (sometimes two nights, but that's unusual) and then work a Saturday shift, 5 or 8 hours. I took a job because we truly love being home-owners, but owning a home turned out to have a few more costs than we were anticipating! We worked my schedule out so we could minimize the time the boys had to be watched by someone else, so they currently hang out at a friend's house for an hour on those evenings I work before Joe comes to get them - not so shabby! I was really worried when I started working about how much I would miss the boys, but it's actually been a really good thing, I think. The nights I don't work it's like "this is great, I don't have to work tonight!" and the nights I DO work it's like "this is great, I'm off the hook with the boys tonight!" I think it's also been good for Joe to get more one-on-one time with the boys, and they have gotten a lot closer to him the past few months. Maybe he has also gained a little more respect for what goes on at home, not that he wasn't respectful before... it's just different to be in the driver's seat!

Joe and I have been laughing a lot lately because of the number of questions and raised eyebrows we get about expecting another baby so soon. Haha, maybe if we lived in Utah it wouldn't be so suspicious! But there's a lot of "sooooooo, were you planning that?" and "was it a surprise? *cough*accident*cough*?" Without venturing into TMI territory ("when two people really love each other...") I think I can disclose that it wasn't an accident, but it WAS a surprise. I'm not sure that many people plan to have kids 13 months apart, or to have them thisclose to Christmas... although that's almost exactly the situation with my older sister and I (she's 14 months older and I was born in December). I wonder how many raised eyebrows my mom got, huh? But really, we're happily married, we've already got a few kids under our belts, we figured things would happen when they happened and we would be OK with that - and we ARE! - it just happened faster than we anticipated. Our happy surprise! That wasn't TMI, was it? If so, sorry!

Sunday, June 6, 2010


It's been one of those weeks...Last weekend, which I wrote about, I was terribly sick all Saturday. Then Joe was sick all Monday, which shot our holiday. Tuesday night I worked, which makes for a long day without seeing Joe. Wednesday night I had a meeting, followed by a loooong night up with Patrick, who apparantly picked up something while we were at park days (our one redeeming moment this week! Though read on, maybe it was our downfall). Thursday night I had a meeting and Joe got home a mere 5 minutes before I had to leave, then when I got home we spent another long night with a sick kid in our bed. Joe even suggested going to the ER, but I nixed it, remembering our entirely overwhelming and under-helpful 5-hour visit last time. Friday was a long day at home since Patrick was sick, missing Joe all evening since he had a work meeting/annual party, getting home at 10:15. I went to the doctor for Patrick during the day, and it turns out he has strep, plus the possible start of pneumonia. He got the full treatment, a chest x-ray and everything! So with some anti-biotics and extra doses of albuterol for his breathing treatments (seriously, SUCH a fun week!) we went back home... only to be back at the doctor today for Eli, who raised our heartrates with his rise in temperature - up to 104!! Joe stuck him in a cool bath, dosed him with infant acetomenaphine, and off to the doctor. Turns out he has.... a temperature. That's about it. They said infants can't get strep (if you can expound, please do) and he doesn't have an ear infection, so we just have to wait and see and hope like HECK it doesn't happen again. In the meantime, we are freaking tired and have taken to falling asleep whenever/whenever possible.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Patrick's 1st unassisted prayer

Dear Heady Fadda
bwess dadda job
thank you lamp on
thank you fafa mow drass
fafa and mama mow drass
work hard
bwess dada drie safewee
bwess mama, fafa, e-i, mama, fafa wake up
*about a 2-minute pause*
me: amen
Patrick: no, mama! sewf! (self)
me: ok, keep going.
*about 2 more minutes of silence*
me: amen. Now go to bed, please.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

eeeeew, sick!

Good news and bad news usually travel hand-in-hand. The good news is I do NOT have morning sickness! It was a 24-hour stomach flu, so the GOOD news is the 24 hours is long gone and I feel great again. The BAD news is that I gave it to Joe (which is how we determined it was most definitely NOT pregnancy-related), who was sick all day Memorial day and is slowly recovering (he doesn't get as much time as I do to take it easy at home). So I am still so sorry for everyone who has/had morning sickness, but I am thanking my lucky stars I only got the flu!