Saturday, June 19, 2010

updates on Eli

Eli is no longer stranded! He seems very physically motivated. He still prefers to army-crawl everywhere, but he's testing out crawling on his knees - a fun novelty, but slow since it's new. If there is anything laying on the floor (especially another person) he really likes to crawl OVER it rather than around; it's a nice challenge, and once over the top, he turns around to go back and do it again. He's working on taking on the stairs, and Patrick likes to sit at the top and cheer him on, "come ON, e-i! come ON!" Unfortunately, Patrick also cheers him on from the BOTTOM on the stairs, which is a terrible idea. He can pull himself from sitting to standing, and tries to do it on everything he can. And the day after I wrote about him getting stranded he showed ME what was up by switching from crawling to sitting, then sitting to crawling. Yeah, WHAT, mom! We're currently working on our next trick: standing unassisted! OK, so it's a long (I mean a long) way off, but it's sure something to look forward to.

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Kari and Jonathan said...

Love it! He's such a big boy these days, and he'll probably walk on his own before Amelia does, lol.