Thursday, June 17, 2010


The Good: Joe is alright

The Bad: Joe got in an accident, which was his fault

The Ugly:

We'll find out Tuesday whether the car is totaled, we'll find out August 3rd at Joe's traffic court date how much the ticket is for, and in the meantime we'll try to figure out what to do. Keep the car? It still runs, after all. Total the car, take the cash, and make a downpayment for a used car? It's the most money we'll ever get for the car again, so maybe the time is ripe. We shall see. In the meantime, try not to make too much fun of me when I pull up in our beater! We're just a typical mormon family, driving it 'til the wheels fall off!


Kari and Jonathan said...

They should make hoods out of rubber.. Those things always get jacked up! :( Im glad Joe is ok though!! I think you should wait to get a car until the Honda is paid off. :)

Kathy said...