Thursday, July 23, 2009


We bought a house and all we got was this lousy gift basket!
Actually, it's a pretty cute gift basket all made up in a popcorn bowl, though the chocolate hammer and chocolate cigar (for the new baby, not the house) melted quite a bit in the heat. But still, shouldn't they give you a car or something as a small token of their appreciation? It's a used house, so it could be used car, I don't mind! Maybe next time...

So now who wants to come help us move and unpack? Hmmmmm? Well, then, at least come help Patrick play in his new backyard, ok? Much appreciated!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Once again, I SWEAR Patrick doesn't just live in his diaper, but we just never manage to bust out the camera until he's practically naked. Oh well! We had to seize the moment before we failed yet again to capture Patrick's excellent animal vocabulary. The smoothie in the sippy cup doesn't do any favors, he can be pretty loathe to take it out of his mouth once he gets going, but you get the idea. Enjoy!

Let's get outta here!

We have all systems "go" for closing, T minus 24 hours and 30 minutes.

That's right! We're closing Thursday at noon, moving Friday afternoon. Cutting it a shade close, aren't we? Haha - we'll let you know how it goes!

Friday, July 17, 2009


So, what's the deal with us moving, anyway? Are we staying? Are we going? Or are we already gone? Most people in Fort Collins are thinking "you haven't moved already? Because IIIII sure haven't seen you around here!" (thanks for the note, Erin K.! We are alive and well, but manage to be MIA every weekend so we will soon be enrolled on the Less-Active list I'm sure, if we aren't already. Perhaps we just missed the memo because we were, oh, out of town AGAIN). Well, we are STILL HERE (in Fort Collins) for the next week or two, as we are STILL WAITING to close on this house. I haven't forgotten to blog about it, I haven't even procrastinated blogging about it, I have simply AVOIDED AT ALL COSTS trying to blog about it because it's enough of a headache just thinking about it and being all emotionally wrapped up in what is termed, in the construction industry, "stick-frame;" if that doesn't make a house sound unimportant, I don't know what does. So how do I blog about this *unimportant* stick-frame headache that we are just dying to live in but that isn't even ours yet?! I don't, that's how. So I will continue here to non-blog about it and say only that as of his moment (things DO CHANGE moment-to-moment) everything is on-track (including the new garage door, finally) for us to close on the house in the middle of next week. I'll do my best to NOT keep you updated, because really nobody but US wants the details (especially when the details make me lash out irrationally at any poor family members near me), but HOPEFULLY I can give a nice overview on Thursday or something to say something along the lines of, "Hooray! We are OFFICIALLY homeowners!"

As for me, I got some sad news from Patrick. He is GREAT at animal noises (I'll post a video soon - tomorrow?) but we like to try to trip him up by asking what non-animals say. When asked what mommy says, he replied "moooooo!" Oh, the shame!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

If you missed out on a week in Texas...

... Then you also missed out on:

Lots of up-close-and-personal time with nieces and nephews
Watching Little League All-Stars while simultaniously watching the kids

Some serious Tetris Attack. To those who were off chasing babies, this looked more like seriously relaxing, but who's to judge?

Visiting museums that were closed for the holidays (oops!) and making the most of their outdoor sculptures instead.

Visiting presidential museums that were closing in 10 minutes but getting to visit anyway because the tour guide is SERIOUS about her job. Then leaving an hour later.

Blowing up a double pool with palm trees, dolphines, and a slide - all by yourself at only 17 months old! (well, maybe a LITTLE help from mom).

Playing in awesome double pools, complete with slide and spraying dolphin, with all your cousins!
Drinking the yummy pool water!
The swimsuit competition (Kalena won!)
Drinking more soda than any of us care to admit (we went through HOW many 12-packs?)
Lessons from Grandpa in grilling

Getting patriotic with pregnant bellies
Getting in touch with the retaining-water side of pregnancy - aghhhhhh! Thank goodness for flip-flops.
Taking field trips with everyone up/down the stairs

Diaper parties!

Pusher-toy parties!
Breakfast, served a-la carte


...and the best hosts in the world: Elsha and Brian van de somethingsomething (okay, Boogaard)! Thanks for letting us come play all week! We miss you and the chaos already.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ode to a Great Dog

I'll admit that I don't like most dogs, and there are even fewer dogs I would want to share a house with for 11 days, this is about one such diamond in the rough; one who will be dearly missed. Patrick and I (and my parents and my siblings and their kids) were reunited in Texas for a week and a half of wonderful, crazy, messy, baby-filled days. The three little cousins had a great time playing together, but Kalena and Espen nap twice a day, mornings and afternoons, and Patrick naps once at lunch, so you could pretty much count on them missing each other for most of the day. Luckily, Elsha and Brian (with whom we stayed) had two large greyhounds that Patrick was in LOVE WITH; Onyx and Brenna. Every time he saw them, whether it was the first glance from up the stairs in the morning or the last glance as the dogs were running to escape the crazy babies before bedtime, he would point and "woof! woof!" and try to chase them down. After a day or two the dogs got used to so many people and would actually wait around while Patrick patted, hugged, woofed, and gave them kisses on their noses. I couldn't believe how well they tolerated him, and although I thought they were like a new toy that he would eventually get bored with and start to ignore, he never got sick of giving them hugs. Or chasing them. Or kissing their noses.

Unfortunately, as Elsha sadly posted, the garage door was open and the door out to the garage was accidentally left open (she failed to post the name of the responsible party, but I am ashamed to admit it was me), and both dogs escaped. Greyhounds: not the easiest dogs to chase. My mom and I got in the car as quickly as possible and drove all over calling their names, but 10 blocks away in all directions there was still no sight of them. When we returned home Brian assured us they would come home by themselves, which one (Onyx) eventually did. But not Brenna. We heard the terribly sad news this morning that when she escaped she was (most likely) hit by a car and passed away at the animal shelter. My sister and her husband loved both dogs dearly and I, being a long-standing dog-UN-lover, didn't really understand why until our reunion. It was such a wonderful week and it was so much fun watching the babies with both dogs, I actually went out of my way to take pictures of it (something an un-lover would never do) and I enjoyed their company even without Patrick by my side (something an un-lover would never admit to). Though Joe has never met the greyhounds, he loves dogs and is great with them, plus he's had a few himself, so I asked for his advice in words of condolence, and he said "I don't know, I've never killed someone else's dog before." Thanks.

So in my own words, this is for you, Brenna: I've never met such a quiet, well-behaved pet before, and I, who have never missed a dog in my life, am terribly sad that I will miss out on time with you in the future. If Patrick understood, he would be missing you terribly, too. I'm also deeply apologetic to your mom and dad (Elsha and Brian), your sister (Onyx) and your step-sister (Kalena). I know everyone misses you, so try not to run away in Heaven, and we'll see you up there.

Espen, doing some chasing. Onyx and Brenna, trying to avoid being caught by Espen.

Once they warmed up, both dogs actually sought out people to pet them! Nice butt shot.

Patrick, giving Brenna his signature snuggle.