Sunday, February 6, 2011

Coulda, shoulda, woulda

We took a little jaunt this weekend from Thornton to Grand Junction to bless Caroline in my parent's ward (my home ward - memories!). The drive down was..... long. 9 hours. SHOULDA been 4 or less. Just out of Denver the traffic update signs said Frisco would be 3 hours 10 minutes. SHOULDA been a little over an hour, so we quickly decided to take a detour - it wouldn't save us TOO much time, but it would keep up out of ski traffic, take us to Fairplay and back up to I-70 drop us out in Dillon, past the hubbub. EXCEPT we hit a snag right before Fairplay - drat! A semi had jackknifed across the road about 5 miles before town and there was nowhere to backtrack to. It took an hour to clear the truck, and by then it was lunch so we stopped for an unplanned (but much needed) snack. Then the weather was wretched and roads were scary so the drive went slooooowly.

Oddly enough, it was a really nice trip! Caroline slept the entire time, the boys stayed in relatively good moods (I had lots of sugary snacks in an attempt to send them into a sugar coma) and Joe and I ignored them as much as possible while playing "20 questions." It was one of those moments where it was all about the journey, and not the destination :)

Here in Junction it has been short, but fun - lots of yummy food with lots of fun family! All the kids are sick with colds so they've been running around, coughing and sneezing on one another, wiping boogers who KNOWS where, but since everyone is sick we haven't had to worry about de-contaminating anyone! It's a weird kind of a win, I guess. I'll take whatever silver linings I can get.

Caroline looked gorgeous in her blessing gown, compliments of my mom, and good genes compliments of Joe. That man is producing children from my own womb that don't look a thing like me... except that Caroline has blue eyes. A win! And, like me, she can't live without her naps. Now we'll see how the drive home tomorrow is; maybe we can finally ACTUALLY win one, huh?


hibiscusgirl said...

OMG!!! road trips yuck!!! the drive to summit takes us at least 3 on good trips. we're going to wilsonville, ne for easter. 6 hours wo stopping or w kids. the last time we did it was 2 years ago with Max & I swore never again.
good luck!

Kathy said...

Glad you got there safely. Hopefully the drive home is much, much better.

Kari and Jonathan said...

It's good that you're so optimistic! Hope you have a better drive home!! Also, I wanna see pictures of the blessing dress!

Katie said...

What a crazy trip! Glad the kids cooperated. The kitchen looks great!

Jeanette said...

Pictures?!?! But glad you made it safe, and hope you have a safe trip home!!! See you Thurs!