Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Caroline catch-ups

Caroline just turned 2 months and she’s getting to be quite the looker! Of course, that’s my opinion and 1) I’m biased because I’m her mom, and 2) I’m a girl, and girls are often not good judges on the looks of other girls. So take that with a grain of salt. Anyway, she’s smiling quite a bit, which is SO fun! I love li’l toothless grins. She also jabbers quite a bit while she’s smiling, which is also tons of fun but quite impossible to catch on camera. She puts away her grins and coos as soon as you press “record” (typical of my kids, we’re not performers ‘round here). About this age Eli said “gee!” the most, which is why we call him Gee. At about 6 months old Patrick jabbered “fafafa” which is why we call him Fafa. If Caroline gets a nickname from her jabbers she will be known as Agooo, so be prepared. With Patrick talking, though, we follow his lead and call her Cawowine. He’s very sweet on her and stops what he’s doing, perks his head up and says “I hear Caroline! Can I go get her?” as soon as she squeaks. He often hears her before I do, like he’s just WAITING for her to wake up. While he fawns over her he lists off her tiny things – “she has tiny toes and tiny fingers and tiny ears and a tiny neck…” I suppose her neck is small compared to an adults, yes, but really it’s so surrounded by chub you can’t even see it. I don’t consider it tiny! Patrick made up a word to describe her and it sounds like it SHOULD be a word, but I don’t think it is: wigglish. See? You’re wondering too, aren’t you? Maybe I just don’t use “wiggle” and all its derivations commonly enough to be comfortable with what is and is not appropriate… but I’m pretty sure wigglish is made-up. But PERFECT to describe what a 2-month old is! Eli is still in love with her but has started to bully her as well. He will lay down next to her and give her slobbery kisses all OVER her face, leaving snot streaks as he goes, and then sit up and kick her in the head (seriously! kick. to. the. head.) After a diaper change this morning they were both on the floor and I got up to throw the diapers away; I returned to find him sitting on her like a horse. Hmmmmm…. NOT OK. Now that she’s starting to spend more awake time and needing some excersise (not unlike myself) I think I’ll have to lock them in separate areas of the house until she can defend herself against the tyrant. This last photo's for Kari - Caroline caught randomly sleeping, too! Must be because she's wearing Amelia's hand-me-downs :)


Kari and Jonathan said...

She is to die for!!! She's looking a lot like a girly Patrick. Also, I know baby clothes shrink after they're washed a lot but Amelia wore that onsie on the bottom when she was 9 months old! What the heck?!

Oh my gosh, I laughed outloud that Eli got on her like a horse! Hahahaha! Wish you had gotten a picture but I guess saving the baby is more important.

hibiscusgirl said...

cute! Max used to ride Audrey when I'd go put something in the garage (gone maybe 10seconds). now she can pretty well defend herself from her crazy bro.