Sunday, November 1, 2009

castor oil

In anticipation of my actual due date I decided to try a few things to up my chances of actually having a baby! So tonight we had a spicy dinner, some pleasant after-dinner conversation with my breast pump, and a little castor oil for dessert - yummmmm. It's only been a few hours so I'm not saying anything has or has not worked, but that castor oil is definitely doing SOMETHING, so it might be a long night even without labor! Whew! Be glad you're not hanging out with me tonight.


Elsha said...

Be careful with the castor oil. From what I've read, mostly what it does is cause contractions due to, um, digestive issues, and it can make you dehydrated. Keep it up with the breast pump though!

Kari and Jonathan said...

Yuk! I can't believe you actually bought that stuff! I've only heard it tastes AWFUL! Good luck though! Hopefully Eli isn't being stubborn in there!

hibiscusgirl said...

OMG! did you do the midwives cocktail with castor oil, blue cohosh oj? I did that with max & didn't even get a FART! it was gross stuff for sure & I'll never do it again.
and I agree with the dehydration stuff so drink lots of water & stay hydrated. We tried the breast pump & blue cohosh after my water broke cuz I wasn't progressing & nothing. Moral of the story? baby comes when baby's ready (<:
you aren't even to your EDD yet silly - let him come when he's ready (<: