Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Big Brother Day!

OK, so there is no such day, but we wanted to celebrate not just the big change for US of adding Eli to the family, but the big change for Patrick to become a Big Brother. While I was pregnant we planned on throwing it in anticipation of the transition being much more difficult for him, with much more attention being focused on Eli and mom. As it turned out, I'm recovering very quickly (don't get me wrong, it still hurts to sit from standing, or to stand from sitting! But it's relatively quick) and Eli has been sleeping like a log so he only needs attention to nurse or get a new diaper, plus Patrick seems to LOVE his new brother, so the transition has been pretty easy! Still, Who doesn't like a little extra attention now and then? So we had a few friends over, baked a yummy cake, and Joe bought him the best gift ever (and with how much Joe likes to give gifts, it was amazing he held off giving it to Patrick for 3 days while we waited for the party!)

"I'm a big brother" - sometimes it's easiest to just state the obvious
Not just a cool present, it comes in cool wrapping paper!
Ripping away
Already putting it to good use! The weather was nice enough to take it into the sandbox
Check out that dumping action!
I tried to make the car red, and I used an entire bottle of red food coloring and it only turned BRIGHT PINK! So I added some yellow and made do with a coral-colored car. We'll definitely use this cake mold again for his birthday, it was a huge hit with Patrick!
This was much more interesting to watch than him barely picking at his first-birthday cake. Finally! Some messy recognition for my efforts!
And now, the reason for the party - there's a LITTLE brother in town! Plus, check out my cool new haircut. It's actually much cooler when it's washed, my morning got a little crazy, what with the pink frosting not cooperating. I was going to wait until about 3 months post-pardum to cut it, after the pregnancy face fluff (ok, chubbiness) went away but before I started losing copious amounts of hair. Turns out, my face didn't thicken up quite like it did with Patrick, so I got to do it early!


Elsha said...

Mom and I saw that dump truck in Target the other day (or a very similar one) and we were agreeing how much Patrick would like it. Did you tell him Kalena is coming next week so he can look forward to it?? :)

Kari and Jonathan said...

I bet he was EXCITED about that truck! That's awesome! I had the same problem when I was making Jonathan a superman cake.. I wanted very bold colors and you just don't get that! Needless to say he had a very easter-y pastel cake :) the car was cute though! Love the haircut! I've been thinking about doing that to mine if I can't teach Amelia not to pull. And Eli just looks so snuggly!! ;)

Jeff and Andrea Ashmore Family said...

You are a sweet mom. I'm glad you are feeling well. Take it easy!

hibiscusgirl said...

what a great idea! my mom had said something about doing a gift exchange when they are born. Max has that same dump truck & LOVES it. he has so many dump trucks it's incredible. Glad things are going well! how's your baby moon?