Monday, February 6, 2012

All dressed up, everywhere to go

Funny, all day I planned on writing about Caroline being a total girly-girl and already dressing up, but my sister beat me to it this morning!  I'll post anyway.

I am AMAZED at feminine tendancies already showing up so strongly in Caroline. She loves talking on the phone (though I think that is a toddler tendancy, not necessarily a girly one), trying on shoes, carrying around a "purse" and now, trying on clothes.  She found Patrick's church vest this morning and was so obviously trying to put it on, I was SO impressed!  Eli still just brings me his clothes rather than trying it himself.  I helped Caroline put the vest on and she strutted around and then wore it all day long.  I think strangers thought she was pretty strange herself, but I was too proud to notice.  I guess that's how the Joli-Pitts must feel about boyish Shiloh, eh?


Kari and Jonathan said...

Remember when we used to see Patrick at least once a month? I feel like we haven't seen Caroline in SO many months! What a big girl(y girl) she is!

Elsha said...

I love the vest! She's adorable.