Friday, February 24, 2012

Cheetos dreams

Eli's fever gave him fitful sleep last night, which kept interrupting our Netflix date, "Water for Elephants." We enjoyed it and didn't want to be interrupted so much so we finally just got him to hang with us - it was so nice!  He snuggled right in, complained that we already ate all the popcorn but drank his juice anyway, and LOVED the elephant and the train parts.  After the movie was over the got some ice cream in the kitchen, just stretching out our special time with him, and he saw the bag of cheetos on the table from lunch, so he had a little midnight snack of ice cream and cheetos!  Joe said we might not be winning any parenting awards with our snack selection, or our timing, but I think it was all about the exceptions in life, the fun times when you eat junk at random hours and enjoy each others' company.  Reminds me of so many times eating shrimp rings and drinking Pepsi for lunch - not the most balanced meal, but those weird meals did more for my spirit than any whole wheat sandwich and apple combo could do for my body.  Hope you enjoyed your special time, Eli!  And thanks for being sick :)

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Kari and Jonathan said...

That's cute of you guys. Even though he won't remember it, I'm sure it made an impact on him last night! By the way, what did you think of the movie? We thought it was kind of boring. :-/. But I bet you were happy to get your Robert Pattinson fix. :)