Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Monday was gorgeous!  Warm and sunny but still snow on the ground, perfect to shove the kids out the door and not feel too guilty that they're freezing in the snow.  It was so perfect, though, they refused to come inside for lunch!  They needed to eat before naps and I was starving, too, so I brought the kids' table and chairs from the back yard to the driveway (no sun in the backyard) and we had a nice li'l picnic.  It sure made mac&cheese and pb&j feel a whole lot more special!  We also had hot chocolate, as there was a tiny nip in the air (according to me, who is always freezing). Hopefully we'll do it more often as spring slowly arrives, but who knows, I always forget about fun ideas like this.  So in case it doesn't happen again, I got a few photos!

Lovely lunch, tablecloth included!

Messiest eater on this planet. 

He needed some sunglasses.


Kari and Jonathan said...

You're so good about letting your kids go outside even when it's cold. As you learned from being at my house, we try to avoid the outside at all costs, which is bad.

Elsha said...

Is that the coat I got Caroline? Because it's darling!

Jeanette said...

Oh man! This post just made me REALLY homesick! I really miss those random warm winter days! It's just cold and dreary here all the time.