Thursday, February 2, 2012

Great comments, all!

So the wallet is back, the bad days are hopefully behind us.  The old man was nice, but weird.  For instance - he found the wallet in the bread store parking lot, told me he had seen me leave the store with donuts so he knew I HAD shopped there, yet he took the wallet home instead of returning it to the store.  Why?! When he was trying to find how to contact me to get the wallet back there's no phone number in my wallet (lesson learned), so he thought about returning the wallet to the LIBRARY since I had library cards in there.  Again, WHYYYY!?!?  It was less then 10 feet from the bread store entrance, where he had JUST seen me shopping, and you want to return it to the LIBRARY??  I returned to the freaking bread store like a normal person, since that's where I dropped it, but I would never head to my nearest library to look for a wallet I didn't lose there.  While I appreciate, with deepest gratitude, that there are good and honest people out there (as many [MANY] times as I have lost my wallet it has ALWAYS been returned and NEVER had cash or cards taken from it), I am a little disappointed in the sheer lack of common sense in this situation. Also, dang it for dropping my wallet in the first place, and dang it for not checking my phone messages! That was all my fault.

And now, comments to the comments:

Kari: Yep, getting back money that you thought was gone for good, even $20, can make your day :)

Angela: You CAN renew online, but only if you do it before your license expires.  Mine expired in December, which I was dumbfounded at, and only discovered in January.  Joe's was issued a year earlier and doesn't expire until 2014! I thought maybe he flirted with the DMV ladies.  Turns out, they changed policies and USED to issue 10-year licenses but changed it to 6 years instead (more revenue? They love sticking us in lines and laughing? The DMV chairs need warming? Who knows).

Amy: (about the last post) You're right about TV time - it's a balance.  Like how much chocolate to eat during the day, you have to find a happy medium :)

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