Sunday, February 19, 2012

Date Night, but not for me

Yesterday was rough.  Joe had to work in the morning, I had to work in the afternoon, we've hardly seen each other this week, and the kiddos were a bit nuts.  Okay, LOTS of nuts, and they drove Joe nuts while I was at work yesterday afternoon.  He felt bad that he was rough on Eli especially (who yesterday tried flushing a roll of toilet paper down the toilet and flooded our downstairs bathroom) and wanted to have a nice day with him today, so they took some quality time this afternoon and went out and got donuts from Krispy Kreme!  Patrick hates to be left out of the fun, but Joe told Patrick he was going to bring home a surprise when they got back (he didn't tell Patrick they were off the K.K.). When Joe initially walked in he brought Eli's half-drunk single-serve milk from Krispie Kreme and told him THAT was the surprise.  Patrick was genuinely excited and thankful for it, it about broke our hearts! What a tender, sincere boy, and we were totally playing a joke on him!

Happily, while the milk WAS delicious, there were donuts to be had as well.

Eli, who got donuts at the shop AND at home, loved the sugar rush.


Kari and Jonathan said...

Whoopsie, Eli! I bet Daddy was not too thrilled (the understatement of the century.) Glad some quality time and doughnuts made up for it!

Elsha said...

I want Krispy Kreme! Will you drive me down a dozen after I deliver? Thanks.

Eric and Amy said...

Well that's because sugar is delicious! Mmmm.