Friday, February 3, 2012

Crafting WIN!

We've been busy crafting this week! My sister sent me a link from Pinterest (which I have since joined, so no need to bug me!) of how to make this gorgeous rose-like wreath from fabric. I happened to have about 2 yards of crimson fabric laying around - homemade curtains from our 1st apartment!  So I cut them into strips, cut the strips into squares, and folded each square twice and rounded the corner.  I got a circle about the size of my palm.
I bought a floral-foam wreath at Michaels for $5.99, of course using my 40% coupon, so it was really only $3.50 or so.

Patrick was my big helper - we worked on the wreath during the kiddo's nap times.  He was SUCH a good glue-gunner! I only got burned once.

I re-folded each circle
and he put a dab of glue on the point.

Then I smooshed the fabric down, putting my fingers on the inside of the folds. 

It took 3 days of nap-time work, but I think the results are SO GORGEOUS!  Pinterest was right-on for the ease of crafting and the great results.  I'll just change the ribbon to green for Christmas, but I'd also love to try making one in other colors, or white! 

 Thanks, Patrick, for being my big helper!


Bailey Tice said...

That turned out great! I might have to make one now that I see how easy it was!

Elsha said...

It looks so great!

Kari and Jonathan said...

Wow, that's beautiful!! Great job! Feel free to make me one :)

Kathy said...

It turned out so cut Kirsta. I love it! I will have to add that to my list of crafts I want to do.

Eric and Amy said...

Pretty! I could see having one in every color for holidays throughout the year. Good work!