Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sleepy weekend

There's been an UNREAL amount of sleeping around here this weekend!  If last weekend was super-busy, this has been the opposite.  Well, except Saturday morning we got motivated and retextured our entire living room ceiling.  It only took us 4 months :)

Anyway, poor Patrick is now our #1 sicko and yesterday he was unconscious more than he was awake - 3 NAPS! Joe was home all day, so lucky for me I got to take 2 hours of nap with Patrick - I was loving the tiredness. Same thing today - after being up only two hours he came back to bed and said "I need a rest" and (weird, it wasn't even 8:00 yet) I did too, so Joe took the other two and hung out while we snoozed. While I am SUPER hoping Joe and I don't catch this; while it has produced some memorably sweet moments with sick kids, I doubt it would produce anything of ths sort with sick adults and jobs and meetings and such.

I should mention that while I napped yesterday (Eli was asleep, too) Joe got crazy and ripped out the basement carpet! 

One thing continues to lead to another and we're planning on rearranging some furniture once the carpet's installed, so Joe lugged out one of the couches to the garage, leaving us seat-less for all those movies my sick kids want to watch.  Well, solved that problem - we moved the guest bed into the family room so we can get busy and rip out the carpet in Caroline's room.  Makes a nice lounger, don't you think?

Bring on the move marathons, cold and flu season!


Kari and Jonathan said...

Your ambition never ceases to amaze me. I hope Patrick feels better soon and that you and Joe don't catch it. If you do, drink lots of emergen-c, that seemed to make it very short lived around here. Also, I read that a tablespoon of honey with a teaspoon of cinnamon is supposed to work wonders on colds. Either eat it straight or I spread it on toast and it was delish. Also, I love the bunny on the "lounger" with you!

Eric and Amy said...

The ceiling looks great! Sorry you had a bunch of sickos.