Saturday, November 3, 2012

You've had a birthday...

Shout "hooray!" You've been alive 3 years today.  One year older and *wiser?* too... happy birthday to Boo!
We celebrated Eli's 3rd birthday on Friday (his actual birthday, so that worked out) by having dinner, cake and ice cream, and opening presents with his cousins here at the house.  Low-key, but I was torn about throwing a party - we're new in the area so I have no idea who he plays with at church, he celebrated with his joy school friend at joy school, our neighbor friends are more Patrick's friends that Eli happens to be playing near... but would he feel gypped without all the party hoopla? I decided no and just had Kari bring her kids and hubby over, and that felt like plenty of action for me for one night! And Eli didn't seem to mind one bit.
 Eli's more into cars than dino's, which was fortuitous since I happen to have a car cake mold.  I also have super awesome car cupcake molds, but then I took a 2-hour nap Friday afternoon when I should have been baking.... but I was pleased with the cake.  I got smart this time and didn't try for red, since it took the entire food coloring bottle last time. I am STILL out of red from that incident.
Eli had chosen sprinkle frosting, which I figured would totally ruin the awesomeness so I took a picture before...
...and then let them sprinkle to their hearts' delight.  They said it was rain on the car.

Eli had requested hot dogs for his special dinner so we obliged and then made bratwurst for the adults. After dinner we enjoyed masticating that car, then moved right on in to presents.

First some serious dough from great-grandma.  Make it rain, Eli!

 Then an awesome gift from the Jacobs grandparents (a book, which one can never have too many of)

Then a giant floor puzzle from aunt Kari... I mean, his cousins....
 ...And finally, from the Gustavson grandparents and mom & dad, the piece de resistance: a Tonka transporter truck!  Like I said, he's into cars.
I actually picked this out because of the cars the transporter carries. Randomly, we used to have one of them! Bought it at a garage sale for 10 cents 2 years ago and it was the most beloved of all their toy cars; it went in the sandbox, the bath, and took a serious beating where others died.  Eventually, though, it died too and I had to squirrel it away to the trash in the dark of night because they would play with all the little broken peices... so now we have THREE of those awesome cars AND a truck to transport them. Luckily (*good parenting moment!*) he's been surprisingly willing to share his cars and the enormous gift hasn't caused enormous sibling fights.  Yay for mom :)
Of course, after the party was over he was overwrought and over-tired and screamed and threw tantrums like he was turning 2 instead of 3 (*sigh, bad parenting moment*) BUT FOR THE MOST PART his birthday was a great success.  Happy birthday, Eli!


Elsha said...

Happy birthday Eli!

Kari and Jonathan said...

Happy birthday, Eli!! (Even though he definitely seems like he's been 3 at least since Amelia turned 3!)

Some days I feel like the terrible 2's got nothin' on the awful awful awful 3's. :) you win some, you lose some. But YOU are always a good mom. :)

Eric and Amy said...

Oh the terrible 2s turn into the thunderous 3s and that's not the mamma's fault!