Thursday, November 1, 2012

ready for the big night

Like I said, Happy Halloween! We had lots of fun carving pumpkins this year, and by "we" I mean Joe and I.  I feel like when we were young we totally scooped out the pumpkins ourselves, but based on how the past 2 years have gone I think maybe my memory has exaggerated how much we kids actually helped. 

Eli and Caroline scooped for about 60 seconds. Patrick scooped the entire time but made very little progress so in spite of his efforts I'd say we scooped out 80% of it.

Luckily these pumpkins were totally easy to scoop out and we hadn't kept them outside so they weren't even cold and slimey, just plain ol' slimey, so the whole carving evening was pretty quick.  We had the kids draw on paper what they wanted on their pumpkins; last year Patrick's looked pretty similar to Eli's this year (all circles), Patrick chose to go very scary and base it on the pumpkin Kari
carved with the kids at Joy School, and Caroline drew on herself instead of the paper so Joe just carved her your classic Jack-o-Lantern face.
No matter who did the work, everyone had fun and it made Halloween seem even more exciting (for us parents, too).  Now to post pictures of Halloween night! 

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Elsha said...

I think we're probably just remembering Halloweens when we were older. (Because I'm with you- I remember scooping all the guts myself!)