Sunday, November 25, 2012

Thanksgiving friends

We were SUPER lucky to have my parents in town for Thanksgiving this year, and also to have my sister and her family in town (okay, that's because they LIVE here, but it was certainly nice to be together!), and then on a whim Joe suggested we invite my neice Kalena to come with my parents because she and Patrick are very good friends.  Besides, her parents weren't going anywhere anyway. We thought it was just a nice gesture, but Kalena thought it was the BEST DAY EVER
She was so excited, she COULD have swung here on her hair... if it hadn't been recently chopped.

She and Patrick played together, ate together, slept in the same bed together... the only time they were apart was when she napped (Patrick doesn't nap), and the only two sentences she said to me the whole 4 days she was here were "can I have some juice?" and "where is Fafa?" (that's our nickname for him).  And pretty much any time they were together (sooooo, ALL the time) they hugged. Like so.

They even hugged while they slept!  It was adorable.  It really was sad to see her go, and while I initially thought Elsha was exaggerating about how excited Kalena was to come, or that she would probably live with us if she could, I now know that she is completely serious.


Elsha said...

Definitely her best day ever. And now she's even more excited to go back after Christmas.

Kari and Jonathan said...

The 2 meltdowns in sacrament meeting when she was told they were going home pretty much sums it up too. Forget her parents!! It is really cute how much she and Patrick love eachother. I think she'll grow up wanting to marry him :)