Saturday, November 3, 2012

Costume Party

Recognize any of these characters? We didn't have anything witty or funny or any sort of theme going, we just went for the obvious.
a Pumpkin - OBVIOUSLY 

Tinkerbell - OBVIOUSLY

Diego - OBVIOUSLY. Say click, take a pic!
A pterodactyl - OBVIOUSLY (well, obvious if you know his obsession)
Batman - coming to the obvious in a second... 
Batman and his crazy kids - OBVIOUSLY!

 Then we had my sister's family who showed us all up like cuh-RAZY...
Luckily the neighbor's didn't discriminate in their candy distribution based on coolness and thematic content of the costumes, because we went together and pretty sure they would have swept us in candy redemption. After trick or treating we had some dinner together and stole all the good chocolate out of our kids' treat bags, like any *totaly awesome* parent would do :)


Eric and Amy said...

Obviously! Who doesn't steal the best candy? ;)

Elsha said...

Love the costumes! Patrick's is my favorite though.