Thursday, January 5, 2012

Long, strange trip

We got back to Denver from our incomparable trip to Junction - it's always the best! It kicked off my "eat more and gain weight" new year's resolution! HAHAHAHA! I kid. But we did eat a lot.  The kids wore themselves down to nubbins playing with their cousins (*insert cute picture that I didn't take*), spending special time with grandpa and his iPad (*insert second cute picture I didn't take*), watching movies galore and generally running amok (*more cute, random photos here*). Anyway.

GETTING to Junction was the trial, Caroline screamed a large percentage of the time and refused to be entertained, consoled, or knocked unconscious. We got wiser on our trip back and administered some anti-nausea medication, which promptly knocked all three kids out until Vail.  Eli then woke up screaming "Go! Pee! Go! Pee!" and Joe and I groaned big groans and sighed big sighs.... the other two kids were still passed out, but everyone knows as soon as you stop they will all wake up! Since we did NOT want a repeat of our trip down, I quickly came up with Plan B: Sippy Cup.  You might see what's about to happen. 

I gingerly climbed into the very back seat, unbuckled Eli, pulled down his pants, and held the empty sippy cup as best I could under current conditions.  I was shocked and amazed that he went along with it without complaint, and THEN shocked and amazed as the cup filled and filled and filled to almost overflowaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!! Barely made it, I almost got pee all over his pants and my hands and the car - he REALLY needed to go! Crisis averted, though, I pulled his pants back up, buckled him back in, and, with my fresh 8-oz sample, gingerly climbed back through still-sleeping Patrick and Caroline up to my seat at the front.  I still can hardly believe we pulled it off :) 

And oh year, GROSS!  The things we do as parents to keep the peace.    

Today they are still recovering and have thrown my schedule for a complete loop!  My big plans to get back into our routine, hit the gym at 8:30 and then head to the park before time for lunch and naps, were squashed. Caroline went back to bed at 8:30 and Eli passed out in the middle of the living room floor at 10:00.  Truly, falling asleep on the floor is actually weirder than him wizzing in a cup - he's soiled all kinds of things, but sleeps only in his crib or carseat... until today.  And now Caroline's up, just in time for what SHOULD be her nap.  Curiouser and Curiouser! 


Kari and Jonathan said...

Hahaha, the things we do!!! I don't blame you though, and what a wonderful thing to be a boy! I'm so jealous that the medicine knocked them out. Amelia actually needs that medicine but it doesn't help her sleep at all. Grr.

Kathy said...

Ummm...I totally remember peeing in a jar or something in the car. I think I was a young teen. I still had to go when we stopped 20 minutes later and I filled that jar up good. My parents seriously used to travel with a portapotty when we were little.

Eric and Amy said...

Ha ha ha! Good times!

Eric and Amy said...

One of my sisters travels with a potty seat... now I know why!