Tuesday, January 17, 2012

They grow like weeds...

Patrick hates onions to his very core and specifically asks for NO ONIONS on his meals, even things that don't have onions. That being the case, my onions have recieved little attention in the last few months - even less than I thought!  Had to take a picture; it's not about the onion, it's about how Patrick hates them and I do things to keep my kids happy (even though I lurv onions).

Patrick's super into art projects right now - if it involves crayons/markers/colored pencils, paint, stickers, scissors, glue, pictures, or the word "project" he's on it!  So I hung a few of my favorites in my "gallery," which I gathered from decluttering my fridge and giving them their own places of honor (yay! decluttering win!)

Here's another decluttering win: our desk drawer.  A magnet for junk, even though I get into it multiple times a day (probably because I get into it multiple times a day!).  Since I use it so much, it's nice to have it newly tidy.

My biggest decluttering challange is... Patrick.  He want me to keep everything! My old sketches from middle school?  "But they're so beautiful!" (he actually said that - what a compliment!  And what a case of junk-itis! They were sketches of my hand). My sponge keeper by the sink that I have never actually kept a sponge it? "But it's my favorite!" (He was unaware that we owned it until that very moment).  Stuffed animals the kids don't touch, worn-out shoes they've outgrown, pants that are ripped in multiple places?  "But I love them! Let's don't give them away!"  So I have to declutter while he's asleep in bed, then hide everything in giant trash bags .  I'm up to TEN bags now! Tomorrow's the big donation day and I am seriously looking forward to getting those 5 bags out of my bedroom (and I bet Joe is, too, since I've thrust this mania upon him); the other 5 bags were pure trash (ripped pants included).  Spring cleaning has come early, despite below-freezing temps today!  I'll keep you posted as I go (I know you're dying to hear about it all - hahaha!).  


Elsha said...

That kid needs to learn to like onions ASAP! Also, he needs to learn not to be a hoarder. We don't need another Grandma Gus!

Kari and Jonathan said...

That onion seriously freaks me out. I think I have a small phobia of things that grow on things. Example: when potatoes start to grow those buds-- freaky and gross! That is hilarious that Patrick wants to keeps things, but definitely break him of that before he is a 4 year old hoarder.