Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oh, Joy

In spite of the fact that we have been doing it twice a week, every week, since September of 2011, I've never mentioned on the blog that we do Joy School.  Patrick and his friend Michael are the students for the moment, while we wait for Eli and Michael's brother Benson to catch up age-wise (probably this fall).  Anyway,it's been SUPER fun!  Fun for me the weeks I teach and Michael's mom takes the tots; fun for me to have the tots and not have to worry about a lesson when she teaches.  The lessons are great, the songs are great, the activities are great... it's been great!  Highly recommend it, find out more at For now, though, just had a few pictures from "school" I wanted to post, from back when it was all snowy.


Kari and Jonathan said...

It's amazing to me how kids have no regard for the cold. They just go on playing in the sand box like its still all sand.

Kara said...

I didn't know you and Rebecca did this together. Jacob turns 3 in March, maybe we could join soon too?