Monday, January 16, 2012


I love crafts.  I also love procrastinating. Not a good combo, it turns into procraftination!  Then craft stuff tends to pile up, exactly like Mr. Don Aslett told me NOT to do in "Clutter's Last Stand."  In the beginning of the book he introduces 101 Excuses people give for keeping their junk.  A number of them I could never understand ("I'll iron out the wrinkles from the used wrapping paper to reuse it" - excuse me? Has anyone EVER said or done that?), a couple of them made me laugh ("I'll save these empty toilet paper tubes for when I have grandchildren/want to do a kids activity"), and then a few of them.... ooof, they made me cringe because they are MY EXCUSES! I thought my excuses were REAL!  Everyone else is just kidding themselves, but I seriously will hem those pants/use those fabric scraps/knit that cute baby hat for a gift/get around to sorting through my ribbon collection. Then again, those projects have been on my "to craft" list for coming up on 2... 3.... 4 years?  Oh, CRAP.

So rather than de-junking all my craft stuff, I am CRAFTING IT. This is serious.  FIRST, of course, I have to de-junk the rest of my house, I can't get sidetracked by a couple (few dozen) projects, but I have already shown some pluck and gotten a few of the easier, more clutter-y projects done.  My most notable "I win!" is my adorable Christmas ornament ball wreath.  Much like nativities, I didn't own a single wreath, even though I love them and admire them on other people's homes. I saw a cute piece on TV about how to make one so easily, then the ornaments were on clearance at work, then came the clutter where I brought it home and let it sit around for 2 weeks... but I DID IT.  And it's WAY cute!  But I also got right on the ball and put it away with all my Christmas stuff that I reorganized (thanks, Don!), so I don't have my own personal photo.  But here's how it seriously turned out:

Nice, eh?  My storage box thinks so, and you will too, come Christmas 2012!  And by the end of the year (hopefully even by the end of this month) I'll have quite a few more projects to show off and brag about on my blog, making you feel inferior and small.  Oh, wait, that's not my style :)  Well, then, I'll tell you how I did it while holding off Caroline (crying) with one foot and letting the boys eat as much chocolate as they wanted (naked) because I was too busy to dress or feed them.  Now THAT'S my style!  Betcha can't wait for the pictures, eh?


Elsha said...

Cute! Also, you need to get on pinterest.

Kari and Jonathan said...

HA! I love that Elsha just wrote that. Super cute wreath! Now I'll know not to give you one for Christmas 2012. :) Can't wait to see what other projects you do! You could probably cut something out of a brown paper bag and it would be craftier than anything I could ever do.

Kathy said...

That is super cute. I might have to make one myself.