Tuesday, January 31, 2012

sad panda

Patrick has been on a movies/TV hiatus for a couple weeks now.  There was an increasing correlation between the amount of screen time and amount of wah-wah-woe-is-me time, so we said he no longer gets to watch movies every day.  Hey, it was a lifesaver while it lasted!  Movies and shows are now an exception, so every few days he gets an hour or so, and it's been a really nice change - he and I work on "projects" together (I scrapbook and he cuts up old photos and makes messes) or play games or read and it's our "alone time."  Still, there are times when exceptions are nice, like Sunday morning mom-and-dad-sleep-ins, and Sunday afternoon dad's-feeling-lazy-and-snuggly.  Sunday exceptions can lead to Sunday evening that look a little something like this:

Sleeping in was still definitely worth it :)


Kari and Jonathan said...

You're a good mama. Movies are increasing in numbers around here and I feel totally guilty about it. I need to have more outside time, game time, and "alone" time with Amelia like you do.

Eric and Amy said...

Ooooh the familiar cry of a child who had too much screen time in a day. Hooray for limiting screen time and hooray for ignoring some crying in order to get some more minutes of sleep. It's a tough balance!