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Working on Caroline's 1-year scrapbooking page was an unusual challange because her picture is so gosh-dang pretty I wanted to do something special, but being 3rd in scrapbooking line (ok, 5th, I scrapped Joe and I a decent amount before we had kids), I often feel that "special" has already been taken.  I'm out of new ideas.  So I browsed a scrapbooking idea file (thanks, Debbie!) and came up with adding their horoscope of character traits - so fun!  She's a Saggitarius, and so are Joe and I, so I was curious how "on" the description was for us, and how "on" it might be for her.  I about fell out of my chair when I read it.  I'm not into daily horoscopes or 5-star days or anything, and I know you can make generalized statements that people from all backgrounds might attribute to themselves, but seriously - this was so awesome! Here is the description, in its entirety, and I italicized things I feel are SO RIGHT about us. 

Here goes.

Sagittarius is usually the soul of the company. The reason people are attracted to them is their inborn ability is to act in a very relaxed and honest manner. Sagittarians are tolerant and open-minded, they will never judge someone just by physical appearance and they tend to accept environment without any preconceptions.

Sagittarius trusts other people easily but he/she expects the same trust in return. When they communicate with other people Sagittarius people are usually open and forthright, so you just know that such people won’t talk behind your back (one of my HUGE pet peeves!). This quality makes them very reliable companions, beloved friends and family members. In addition, they are never selfish or proud, so their generosity is usually something to be admired.

One of the most positive qualities of Sagittarius is a great sense of humor (I think so, at least). Such people are not likely to cry alone at night because someone said something bad about them. (This is true about Joe but not about me! I'm a sensitive soul). The Archer accepts everything with a smirk upon the face and they don’t take themselves too seriously as well.

Sagittarians are natural-born optimists; they believe that nothing can bring them down. This ability not to be stressed by every little trouble allows them to go further no matter what. Their energy always saves them from misery because by the time they realize they failed, there is already a new adventure planned. (I laughed out loud, this is so true!)

Sagittarians don’t believe in deceit and they trust people dearly, they are rarely ever suspicious of anyone (almost to a fault). They also expect others to trust them in return. Such people think well of other people, as they think well of themselves too.

They have very high standards, always aiming for more than it is possible to achieve, and this quality makes them respectable in the eyes of society. All in all, Sagittarius is the most enthusiastic, positive and energetic of all Zodiac signs. (Go Saggitarius!! [See? There's that enthusiasm again]).

Negative Personality Traits of Sagittarius

Negative qualities: carelessness, impulsiveness, forgetfulness, tactlessness 

Many Sagittarians have problems with controlling their egos. They are used to thinking they have all the right answers and sometimes other people are put off by such attitude. Much like other Fire signs, Sagittarius has own set of rules and doesn’t like to be told they are wrong. *Amen*

They prefer to be always in control of the situation and people. However, no everyone likes to be controlled so there are situations where Sagittarius can be considered to be obnoxious and egoistic.

They also often expect full recognition for every accomplishment. Like a true fire sign, Sagittarius is quick to get angry and their energy can transform from positive to negative in a heartbeat. Those people can be very insulting when they don’t think before speaking their mind, which is exactly what happens to them most of the time.

In many cases Sagittarians simply don’t consider the effect their words can have on other people. Sometimes, their lack of tact and dark sense of humor goes too far and other people can be offended.

Because they are so restless and impulsive, sometimes their energy is wasted which leads to temporary cases of depression. This happens when the Archer (the Saggitatius person) doesn’t focus the stream of energy into one direction. They can also be quite irresponsible because they want to do everything at the same time. Consequently, some projects are left unfinished.

Sagittarians are quick to come up with ideas but they have no patience and concentration to complete them. Such behavior can irritate other people, especially when Sagittarius is irresponsible in the work-place. When their work doesn’t bring them enough satisfaction, they can become inconsiderate and even tensed.

Sagittarius tends to take risks without thinking it through. As a result, sometimes those risks turn out to be foolish. Their inability to handle finances is can also be considered as a flaw, especially in a marriage. Sagittarius is also a sign known for passion for adventures and risks, so many of them indulge in gambling, leading to dangerous lifestyle (thank goodness we don't gamble!).

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Kari and Jonathan said...

Wow, that's crazy how much of those traits you have! However, I definitely don't think you lack tact. It'll be interesting to see what Caroline's like as a teenager and adult. Also, great idea! I want to print pages like this for my girls now too!