Friday, December 30, 2011

Read! Books!

Eli has a large vocab and strings words together to make sentences, but his punctuation is a little off... it sounds like every single word has an exclamation point.  Pretty funny to listen to :)  That's not what this post is about, though.

My mom brought up an oooolllllllld doll of mine, Oopsy Daisy (classic!), for Caroline, but Eli has attached himself to her.  He gets the wipes to wipe her bum, puts a diaper on her, puts her in time-out, and has started reading books to her.  We dressed her in Caroline's newborn Christmas outfit - what a cutie! I can't believe they're roughly the same size, or that God entrusts us with babies the size of play dolls. 


Kari and Jonathan said...

The cutest thing about this is that even though Eli has 2 wonderful siblings to play with he's attached himself to a doll. And yes, that is crazy that we could buy doll clothes for our new babies!

Eric and Amy said...

Yea books! Yea stringing words together in sentences at 2!! Hooray for you, good momma!