Tuesday, December 27, 2011


3 December birthdays are a bit much, so long ago we decided to celebrate Caroline's birthday in the summer, which we did.  That should SOMEWHAT excuse me from the fact that we were an entire week late in actually celebrating her VERY FIRST BIRTHDAY.  Whoops!  Joe's parents were in town on her actual day, so we had dinner at his grandma's but kids fell asleep on the way home, and that seemed to be how every night went after that!  We were going to celebrate, but Joe got home late.  Or I had to leave early.  Or Caroline took a short nap and went to bed at 5:00.  Or SOMETHING.  So finally, last Friday (cousin Will's birthday, in fact), we busted out the mini car-cakes and opened gifts from Joe's parents (which we should have opened while they were here, I know I know I KNOW!).  The cake molds are soooo cute, but you really need to decorate them.  I definitely didn't, so you can't see quite how cute that truck was.  She demolished it instead of eating it anyway.  We'll celebrate her 2nd birthday in July, so I'll be on top of it then :)


Elsha said...

Happy birthday Caroline!

Kari and Jonathan said...

Those car cakes look really cute! I hope she had a wonderful birthday, and I'm sure she'll never know that you put it off.