Sunday, December 11, 2011

Snow Family

We've had a few of those delicious Colorado winter days, where there's plenty of snow on the ground but it's so warm you don't even need a jacket, so we took advantage of the conditions and made ourselves a Jacobs' snow family! 

The boys were super-excited about it at the beginning, each rolling their little snowballs to make snowmen bodies, but after only about 5 minutes Eli gave up to do his own thing, and Patrick left after about 15.  But me?  Oh, no, I took the challange personally and wouldn't quit until we had every member of the family! Did the boys care? Not at all. Patrick made sure we always had fresh carrots for noses, and Eli brought rocks over to make eyes in every conceivable location BUT the snowmen's faces, and I got all OCD and tried to make each family member look their best, replacing eyes and carrots as I saw fit. They turned out very presentable in the end, but after only a few hours either they melted or someone came by and knocked them over.  Either way, only 1 snowman survived even 1 day.  Really, I should have tken all that OCD energy and cleaned my house and made decorations that would last for years (or at least a week or two).  But hey, like I said, it was a delicious day and it was fun to get outside with the boys, no matter how disinterested they were in the fun project I had actually intended for them. 

Thank goodness I got pictures while I could, huh?


Elsha said...

Fun! We haven't had any snow here yet.

Kari and Jonathan said...

Nobody ever said you were a quitter, that's for sure. :) I like how the the boys are in the picture, taking full credit. Every day I wish that I loved the cold more so Amelia could go play in the snow, but no, I'd rather be bored and warm. :)