Thursday, December 8, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

My friend asked what my birthday wishes were.  I said:

1. I wish I had more patience/was more patient.  HOWEVER, I don't wish for the experiences and trials to help me become more patient, and patience isn't delivered from heaven like a thunderclap, so let's forget that.
2.  I wish Joe were home every evening around 5:00.  You know, leave work at 5, get home at 5:15, small-town living.  HOWEVER, that's pretty much never, ever, ever (everever) gonna happen, so let's forget that and not waste my wish.
3.  I wish I could at least get my birthday to spend with Joe - he surprised me last year (I think it was last year) and took the day off work.

He made  my wish come (almost) true and is taking tomorrow off work!  Hooray!  This is an EVENT since, while he doesn't usually work Saturday, I work Saturday, and then we all know Sunday is actually the busiest day of the week, so we typically get no days of rest together. We're thinking we'll get a Christmas tree and maybe take the kids swimming.  So happy big fat birthday to ME!