Monday, December 19, 2011


We meant to bring Patrick's letter with us to the ward party to give to Santa, just to wrap up that little piece of perfection, but forgot.  Luckily Patrick's mind is a steel trap and he wasn't flustered at all the tell Santa he wants a dinosaur... and a police car.  Where did the car come from? He never plays with cars. He's not gettin' one.

Eli was pretty shy, as he usually is around strangers.  Before going to the party I even considered that he might freak out so I talked him through the whole thing.
Me: Do you know who Santa is? 
Eli:  ...blank stare..... 
Me: Who brings us Christmas presents? 
Eli: Dad! 
Me, mulling over how true that is....:  Well, Dad too, but also SANTA! He wears a red hat and red suit and has a beard, and you can sit on his lap and tell him what you want for Christmas.  What do you want for Christmas?
Eli: ...blank stare...
Me: Do you want balls? (his favorite thing in nursery and at the gym daycare) 
Eli: No!
Me (totally confused, and yes, you ARE getting balls, so tough luck!): Do you want dinosaurs?
Eli : YEP!

Well, thank goodness, looks like we made a good decision in getting 2 big dinosaurs. Now hurry up, Santa! Can't it be Christmas already?!


Elsha said...

I love Eli's expression. He's like, "Um, who is this guy and why am I sitting on his lap?"

Kari and Jonathan said...

How cute!