Saturday, October 29, 2011

White boogers

Your read that right.  I'm all alone in my house now, so I have the right to pick a little shnozz, and when I do those boogers are SOLID WHITE, my friends. WEIRD.  In reality, this post isn't about white snot, it's about WHY I've got why snot: it's because I am a MOTIVATED RENOVATOR (albeit one who could use a kleenex and a social filter).

I've been scraping the ceilings like I said I would!  That's huge.  Walking the walk, guys, it's a Big Deal. What's even more huge is that they are almost DONE being scraped, I only having my dining room left!  I think it's about 200 square feet, but that's probably a bad estimate, I'm bad at estimating square footage.  In my head each room is about 50 square feet and but my house is 2,500 square feet.  In reality, my rooms are lots bigger than bathrooms and my home's only 1,700. But I digress.  So my main floor is a MESS, I just move everything around in an attempt not to get popcorn drywall crap all over it, and cover the rest with dropcloths, but me? No such luck, I'm covered in dust from head to toe.  I don't think it would work well to wrap myself in a plastic dropcloth, that's just asking for suffocation, and I'd have to uncover my nose and mouth to breathe, so I would STILL get drywall dust up my nose.  And there you have it, the cause of my weird troubles: drywall dust up the nose. But it's all for a good cause, so after this weekend feel free to visit me popcorn-free home, to wonder at the motivation it took to do it while I could be relaxing with a netflix, and to wonder why you're friends with me after I write such silly posts.


Elsha said...

You are so weird. Have fun with your ceilings.

Kari and Jonathan said...

You are SO motivated! Go Kirsta!