Friday, October 28, 2011

New plans

You: Hey, Kirsta, how's the time without the kids? Are you lonely? Bored? Do you need me to come over?
Me: No way, I have, if anything, too much to do! They'll all be back before I can get it all done.
You (TOTALLY interested, I can tell): Oh, REALLY? Like what?

Well, let me tell you what.  I had heaps of plans and people to do them with and things have gone a little topsy-turvy, but I'm still keeping busy! (Can't you tell? I'm blogging in my bathrobe at 10:30 in the morning). My plans WERE to have lunch group at my house on Thursday with some friend, then set up my scrapbooking stuff because some girls from work were coming over at 5:00 to scrapbook with me until 8 or 9 p.m., at which time I'd have to kick them out to go to book group, which lasts way into the night.  Friday morning I was going to get up bright and early and go to the temple with my Visiting Teachers to do a couple sessions (making the most of my time without paying a babysitter), scrapbook in the afternoon, and work from 5-10 pm.  Lunch group went according to plan, although Kathy informed me that book group was not that night, so I figured I would just scrapbook until I fell asleep on my piles of pens and pictures. Then things went a bit topsy-turvy at 3:00 when my dad called to say he was coming up from Grand Junction and would I mind him staying at my house? No, of course not! So I cleaned up from lunch and called the scrapbook girls to postpone our date and waited for my dad. While I was waiting, my Visiting Teacher called and had to cancel on the temple, so I figured, once again, that I'd go alone. When my dad got here we went out to dinner (Olive Garden is remarkably busy on a Thursday night, I must say) and stayed up chatting until 10:00, no scrapbooking to be done.  I invited him along on my temple excursion but as I got out my recommend, just to make sure I knew where it was and that it was current, it turns out it's EXPIRED!  Drat! No temple trip with my Visiting Teachers OR by myself OR with my dad!  So this morning we had breakfast, chatted some more, I checked my email and posted this very blog you're reading, and now I am off to scrape some popcorn off my ceiling and possibly do a couple more pages of scrapbooking.

So, while it's not what I had planned, I'm still plenty busy, and don't come over unless you want to see my in my bathrobe and help me scrape my ceilings (which you are, of course, welcome to do).

Also, I reloaded the video of the "un-cute cuties," hopefully it works again.

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