Saturday, October 1, 2011

Headaches in Paradise

I've spent the last 3 days in California for my grandma Smiley's funeral;; she passed away last weekend after complications from a car accident.  Her name embodied her attitude: smiley.  Sweetest grandma the world has ever seen, and I am ridiculously lucky that she was mine.

Now, car accidents are (obviously) unexpected, and complications from an unexpected accident are unexpected, so I was extremely blessed by my husband to be able to be here for these few days while he stays home with the kids.  He drove me to the airport Thursday afternoon and has been manning the home front ever since, and I am SO THANKFUL (thanks Joey!).  It is obviously not a happy occasion to be visiting, but it has been a vacation to be away from the kids!  I am relaxed to the MAX, often to the point of getting a headache.  Seriously, isn't that terrible?  I never get headaches, but apparently working puzzles and watching movies for hours on end triggers these little nuts of misery.  Fortunately, nothing a little Advil can't cure, and now I'm taking a rest from my restful activities and the headache is on the mend.  I might be more annoyed at "rest" being a trigger, but I suppose it's a good thing; it's quite the motivation to get going and working on something!  And I know I will be home tomorrow, through with resting for another year or so, dying for a nap break in the middle of a random Thursday, and having no headaches because I'm back to running on all cylinders.


Jeanette said...

Matt seriously gets a headache every Sunday. I too believe it is from relaxing. Weird.

Kari and Jonathan said...

That's the weirdest thing I've ever heard. But I'm glad you've gotten to relax, and I bet you'll be so happy to be home tomorrow, back to your crazy/beautiful life. :)