Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A paucity of posts

I used to post all the time, right?  And it was way more fun to check in on me when I wrote frequently, right? Because then I had random stuff like yesterday instead of catch-up-on-the-kids (unlike lunch, which is ketchup on the kids).  The trouble is Netflix, my friends, I blame them for my lack.  Not because I watch them, but because Patrick does, so then the computer is occupied during my prime blogging: nap time.

I love Netflix, absolutely adore it (especially since The Office Season 7 is now available for streaming - hooray! I'm doing an awkward white-girl dance that you're all glad you're missing) and it's one of those things that now that we have it I can hardly understand how we got along without it.  Well, lots of Blockbuster trips and Redbox runs and failed attempts at finding a movie we truly wanted to watch is how, but it was a sad way to live.  So now I feel conflicted - I love Netflix, but I also love to blog, and they're getting in the way of each other!  Cripes!  What's s stay-at-home mom to do? 

(I know, aren't my problems SO SERIOUS?)


Elsha said...

Solution is get a wii and then have netflix streaming to your computer!

Elsha said...

That's not a stupidly expensive solution, right?

Kari and Jonathan said...

I go through blogging ruts too. Seems like just like with anything else, sometimes you can just find better things to do. For instance, I went through a phase of just watching Hoarders whenever I could, no matter what else needed to be done. Anyway- I'm over that now, so I can get back to blogging regularly. You should get over it too because I miss your blogs!