Monday, October 31, 2011

Cowboy Up

Yesterday my parents brought back my camera, which I fogotten (SD card-less) in Pueblo, just in time to get some shots of Halloween.  We missed pictures of the pumpkin patch, carving pumpkins, the first big snow, etc etc, but we GOT HALLOWEEN.  So Here's my first pics for a while, sorry about all the yapping I did trying to replace pictures.  After all, a picture's worth 1,000 words, so now I can shaddup.

Eli's costume was my personal favorite, comprised of cowboy boots he wears everywhere anyway (thanks, grandma/pa Jacobs!), an old cowboy hat from Laramie that's 1/8" too small for my head, a red plaid shirt we already had, toy guns we already had, and a toddler who already moseys everywhere he goes.  It was too perfect, yet I was still surprised at how many compliments we got as other trick-or-treat groups passed (moseyin' is slooooow business). 

Patrick's and Caroline's costumes were re-runs from last year, but this time around Patrick wore his head and people actually knew what he was; definitely a step up from last time. He wanted to be a dinosaur again, so I figured this was the best (read: affordable) way to do it, and he was great with that until today, when he freaked out that this is a T-REX costume and he wanted to be an ALLOSAURUS (a meat-eater almost identical to T-Rex). Fortunately, he got over it.

And a big thanks to the Moses/Henneuse clan for letting us crash their T-or-T walk!  It was nice to have company. And WOW, I really didn't shut up, did I?


Elsha said...

Caroline doesn't look too happy to be dressed up. I love that Patrick wanted to be an Allosaurus instead of a T-Rex. Only he would make that distinction. Today Kalena has been running around telling me she's a "ranosaurs" and Will comes around behind her telling me he's a "dactyl"

Kari and Jonathan said...

I can just picture Eli and his little walk.. A PERFECT cowboy!