Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Three blind mice

Just listen, you'll know what's up with the title.

Caroline is doing well - 10 months old now!  And it's clear that we need to have another baby because she is NOT a baby and she drives me crazy.  That seems like an argument for NOT having another one, I suppose, but I just don't think I'm done lovin' on the wee ones. Now that I'm pretty comfortable with newborns (terrified with the first, a little sketchy on the second, pretty comfortable with the third)  I realize just how AWESOME they are and how much I really need to enjoy those first 6 months.  Because then they turn into non-stop jumping beans, grab-your-face-with-razor-fingernails-Wolverine-style monsters, cry-if-you-don't-carry-me-24/7 (while I grab your face!) crybabies, and all sorts of other nonsense.  She's getting really mobile, which is great, and she's got outrageously chubby thighs, which is fun to poke fun at, but definitely, DEFINITELY not a baby in my eyes.  We love her.  But she's not a baby.  Then again, go ask any child who can say "baby" and they'll tell you otherwise.  Am I right?


Schmidt Family said...

Its funny that I still see hadley as a baby and she will be one on thursday! Maybe that is how you know you are done. And Hadley is so the opposite of Caroline. I don't think I have ever seen her jump. Which might be why she hasn't started walking yet. BTW Caro looks just like your boys to me. I think I need to meet her in person...What are you guys doing for thanksgiving?

Schmidt Family said...
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Elsha said...

Man, Caroline just gets crazy in that thing doesn't she! Also, love Joe's interjection there.

Kari and Jonathan said...

More babies?!! Woofta, you're insane!

Eric and Amy said...

So true! Anyone smaller than they are and they call the child a "baby".

Espen asked me yesterday, "Where is MY sister?"
It was so out-of-the-blue I had to ask, "What?"
"When does my little sister get here?"
"Um... good question. Do you have a sister?"
... No response.

Eric and Amy said...

I agree with Kari. Weren't you just celebrating about not being pregnant or nursing?!

hibiscusgirl said...

yeah I agree with Kari - you're crazy! how do you afford them?!!! please don't tell me welfare & I'm paying for them?!!! j/k well not really.

and yes weren't you just celebrating you're not being pregnant &/or nursing??!!!

I get it though. my rational mind cannot afford or wants more but my biological mind wants more.