Wednesday, August 27, 2008

So old! ....until I do the math

Patrick turned 7 months on Monday - he's SO OLD! That's, like, ALMOST a year! ...until I remember that a year has 12 months in it, not 10. 5 months left, not 3. Then, while going to the gym I had to remember Patrick's log-in number for their daycare - nothing huge, just a 4-digit number, but it got me thinking HOW MANY NUMBERS we're supposed to have memorized! I am completely boggled!

Here are numbers I have memorized:
my phone
Joe's phone
my parents phone
my social Security
Patrick's log-in for daycare
how many months in a year (sometimes)
the combination to my bike lock

Here are numbers I SHOULD have memorized:
Joe's and Patrick's social security numbers
my driver's license
my license plate
Joe's license plate
Joe's parents home phone
ANY of my siblings phone numbers
how many letters are in the alphabet (seriously, I can never remember this one. 24? 26?)
How many feet in a mile (5280, right? but my questioning means it's not memorized)
How old my parents are, or at least what year they were born in so I can attempt the math
any of our bank account numbers (I don't know a single one!)
What year I got married (this is just pitiful....)

As you can see, I have quite a ways to go when it comes to numbers and memorization. For the time being, I am staying organized so I can at least quickly look up the info, though I have to dash out to the parking lot if I ever need to know our license plate number. Saaaaaaaaad.

Just Married! June 3, 200....6? Yes, I think that's right.

Patrick, the legless "almost" 1-year old, enjoying a tomato.


Kari and Jonathan said...

You're a goof. You wanna know someone who knows numbers? Talk to Jonathan. He'll know EVERYONE's numbers, personal or otherwise, past or present. It's freaky. And a little annoying :)

Brooke said...

lol! I feel better to know that I am not to only one who has problems with this! Although I many times forget my pin number which is quite embarrassing if you are shopping at say Costco and they won't run your card as credit! I love to hate the numbers!