Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Miss me?

Did I say late June we might be moving to Pueblo?  Because apparently I meant late May - and here we are!  In sunny Pueblo, Colorado.  Joe was planning on being here to start work, of course, but I figured I'd stick around and finish projects and spend the summer wrapping up our lives in Thornton... but then, when I got to thinking about how not good I am at keeping a clean house (certainly not clean enough to show!) and how tricky it would be to get showings scheduled around nap time (naps are ALL IMPORTANT to me, as I am a tired pregnant lady), and how it would be a bummer to miss Joe for the few days he worked... it just made sense to pick up and go, in one fell swoop. So we did.

Now the house is up for sale (yay!) and looks great (yay!) and we didn't even get to enjoy it because we were too busy packing and finishing projects (boo).  I honestly didn't even have time to take any pictures of it, people, we were up SO LATE every night working and then we packed up the camera by the time everything was done.  So for a whopping 5 pictures (there used to be more, I don't know where they went) you can see the house at http://www.mlsfinder.com/co_metrolist/kw_45/index.cfm?action=listing_detail&property_id=1098186&searchkey=bff5d47a-a617-92d3-17a6-1c203c409649.  When we go back to get our furniture I'll be sure to take lots of photos for myself, to remind me of how good it looked, and why we should go crazy on projects EARLIER next time.

Soon to come: updates on what we're doing these days.  For now, sleeeeeeeep.


Kathy said...

I kept hoping you would post because I miss you, dang it. The house does look great.

Kari and Jonathan said...

For as much as we see you, I feel like I always have things that I'm like, "I need to remember to ask her about that!" so, maybe a lunch date without kids is in our future! Your house looks AMAZING!

Jeanette said...

I was wondering what was going on with you! What a month! The Thornton house looks great, sorry you didn't get to enjoy all the personal touches for long... but when a great opportunity comes along, I know the right thing to do is just pick up and go! Where are you living now?