Tuesday, June 19, 2012


The house we're renting is redone and BEAUTIFUL on the inside, but it's over on the east side of Pueblo which is not the beautiful side of town.  I'm glad we moved here, though, because I'm totally not prejudice against it now - we have very friendly neighbors, the kids and I like to walk around the neighborhood (there's a very interesting mix of well-kept homes and run-down wannabes that I daydream about restoring), and there is a fantastic park only 4 blocks away!  All in all, I'd say it's not a terrible place to live, which is what we had heard.  But anyway, that park...

With temps hovering near triple digits we headed to that park today because on one side there is a regular ol' park and on the OTHER side is a splash park! We've stopped by before but didn't have swimsuits (the boys got soaking wet anyway!) so today we made plans with Kari and actually dressed for the occasion - including me! Even with 7 people and 5 in swimsuits only 2 got wet (intentionally) - Patrick and I! In spite of a rotund belly reminding me that I'm a mom, I definitely felt like a kid again :) 

Patrick had the most fun - he's very outgoing and made a friend the first 2 minutes we were there, then ran around with him the whole time...

...except when he got chilly and came to lay on the concrete or snuggle with me to warm up.

I dragged Eli in with me one time and he laughed until he cried!  But not in a good way, so I took him back to lay on the concrete, too, where he stayed the rest of the time.

Caroline didn't want anything to do with the water.  I'd hoped that me getting in the spirit and getting in the sprayers would make her want to, too, but it was no-go.  I guess I don't need to bother with a swimsuit next time!

 Also, her favorite person in the whole world, "Addo," was in the shade - she couldn't leave her!

I'd say this could be another great way to spend the morning when we need to get out of the house to let Joe rest.  Of course, when we got home the first thing Eli did was go turn on the hose and get his clothes all wet - FIGURES.

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