Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nappy-tappy time

Our first few nights in Pueblo included a lot more crying than usual - the kids were a little unsettled being in a new place. Everyone has settled in since then and I think we may even have passed the hump of Caroline waking up pre- 6 a.m. every day (she used to sleep until 7 or later in Denver, Pueblo is apparantly worth getting up for!), so that could be sweeeeeet. It was also be sweeeet if I did not just cruse myself by writing she's back to sleeping in.Anyway, we've been doing whatever we need to to get a few Z's so I took a few snaps (how ELSE can I remember that we ever slept? Heaven forbid).
But I know you're not SERIOUSLY interested in how my kids sleep, so I'll quit typing and post 'em.

Boys were scared during a thunderstorm and wanted to sleep together - so snuggly.

Kari's lending me this ginormous pregnancy pillow, and it has saved my unconscious night life, but lately I'm only able to sleep snuggled with the right 1/2 of the pillow because Joe steals and snuggles the other 1/2 - teeheehee!  Kids love to play on it (it's like a GIANT Boppy), and Eli agreed with me that it IS pretty dang awesome to sleep on.  Naps have reached a new level of relaxation!


Kari and Jonathan said...

I'm glad someone uses that pillow!! I liked it but it was like, 10000000 degrees when I used it! Maybe I'll have a winter pregnancy next and I can use it again.

Lolly said...

I had a pillow like that too and it was a lifesaver. I named her Donna. She was huge. :) I'm glad to hear everyone is adjusting to the new place!

Kathy said...

That is one massive pillow! Where to store it when it's not being used, now that is the question.

Elsha said...

That pillow is the hugest pillow in the world.

Eric and Amy said...

LOVE naps!!