Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sweeter than sugar mush-puddles

The kids have been getting along together REALLY well this past week.  Almost scary well (is that possible?), so I had hours upon hours to myself unexpectedly today, which ended up being used on Pinterest.  I did not intend to spend any significant amount of time online because there is always juice to be gotten, fights to be regulated, spills to clean up from that juice that got spilled during the fight, etc - but things were going so smoothly, time flew!  Playdough was played with!  Pictures were drawn!  No fights caused alarming juice spills! But if you follow me, you may have noticed - I haven't been on for at least 2 months straight because of days like today - it sucks time like a BLACK HOLE so I made it off-limits!  But while the kids have so thoroughly entertained themselves I've had opportunities to listen in and laugh as silently as possible (so as not to draw attention to the fact that I am still in the room and could be doling at treats or finding lost toys), and it's been really fun.  THIS is what I imagined parenting would be like (except that my mom baked and tole-painted instead of blogged while we played barbies or paper dolls, not Dinosaur vs Airplane) and THIS is why we wanted kids close in age.  Ahhh, my scheme is working out so well!

In the morning I encourage sleep as much as possible, letting everyone sleep in as needed and shushing the rest of the people until everyone is up.  Patrick is typically the last one up, and these past 2 morning Eli greeted him with a BIG hug when he came out of his room and said "I am so glad to see you!" So genuine, my heart is a big pile of melty-ness.  I was also impressed he used the word "glad," he talks a lot more than Patrick did at this age!

Patrick confided a special little tidbit to me tonight, and my heart became a mushy puddle again.  He adores his grandpa Gustavson, who sings him a particular lullaby when he's around, and Patrick has channeled that love into that particular song.  Song = love.  Patrick began requesting that lullaby from ME (who was not sung this song, so I didn't know it), so I had to go online and learn the words and now we sing it before bed every night, to avoid the 2 a.m. OH NO MOM FORGOT TO SING ME MY SONG moment, complete with by-the-bedside sniffles to wake me up so I can remedy the situation.  It's a sweet moment we have together before bed, but tonight he said "I just like you to sing me that song because when I go to bed I can sing it again in my head and it's like you're singing it to me one hundred times."  FINE!  Let me wipe my tears and I will sing it to you whenever you want, you sweet little weirdo.

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Kari and Jonathan said...

I'm so jealous that you've gotten so many uninterrupted hours! That's awesome that your kids are best friends though.. Honestly I don't remember mom being around (except flitting from room to room picking up) and I bet that's how your life will be in the years to come.

Also, Patrick it the sweetest little man ever!! Hopefully he holds onto that and he'll make a very romantic husband someday.