Wednesday, June 27, 2012


I've had a few of you friends ask how the house situation's going, and I completely forget to respond about it in emails so I thought I'd update the world via my blog.  S'cuse me while I whip this out.

We listed our home  June 1st, a couple days after we'd moved out (the realtor wanted to hit a weekend rush from the get-go), and had it professionally cleaned and I staged our furniture and we stayed up 'til 1 a.m. the morning we left to touch up paint and all those little things.  I guess the work and the waiting was worth it because in one week we had 23 showing and one glorious offer for full asking price. WHAAAAAAAT?!?!? A full-price offer the first week it was on the market!  You have not read this before now because I am terrified it will all fall to pieces if I print it.  However, we've already had our home inspection, the buyers asked for a sewer scope and furnace certification, which both came back with glowing reports, so the only thing left is the appraiser to OK the price. Phew.  I think we might survive the home-selling process with SERIOUSLY minimal effort! 

I think we might survive the home-buying process with SERIOUSLY minimal effort!  Our realtor here listed us a bajillion homes and we combed through to narrow it down to about 40, then drove through the neighborhoods to narrow it down to about 20, then a few homes went under contract or decided not to sell and we were down to a dozen we wanted to see. On our third day of excursions we found it.
Oddly enough, it is seriously similar to our Thornton house :)  Maybe it's because we fixed it up so we loved it right before we left and now want to live out the dream of actually living there and ENJOYING our hard work? Hmmm...possibly. But ALSO it is in a great neighborhood, near my sister's house, it backs up to a park (yep, my back gate will lead me to a giant open field and a playground), it has a covered patio (can't live without one after Thornton), it has a tree that we are drooling over because it's perfect for a treehouse (bring on the projects!), and the price was even less than what we bought our Thornton home for - and that was a foreclosure!  We put an offer in, they countered, and we accepted.  We are now under contract on TWO homes - one to sell, one to buy!

We are ecstatic, believe me, and recognize that all of this - the initial job connection, the job interviews, the following job offer, the location, the home-selling process, the home-looking process, getting under contract on an awesome home so easily here - they are ALL blessings from Heavenly Father (which we undoubtedly don't deserve).  I don't want anyone thinking we're all full of ourselves because things have gone off without a hitch, and if Heavenly Father ever read my blog I think he'd be ticked if He got that impression!  So that's my disclaimer, don't try to go deflating my head. Now you have the update: we are incredibly blessed to be selling our home and buying a new one and carrying on in our wonderful crazy life down here in Pueblo.


Kari and Jonathan said...

We totally don't think you have a big head, and couldn't be more happy for you guys!

Kathy said...

I am so so so happy for you guys. I'm glad that things have worked out so well. You totally deserve it all.

Eric and Amy said...

Congratulations on selling and buying so quickly. I hope it all goes off without a hitch. :)

Elsha said...

Woohoo! I want to come see it in person!