Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Installation Persuasion

The kids sure pick up on projects!  When the carpet installers came it set off a wave of mini-installations around the house - the kids would roll up any carpet scraps or rugs we had around, lug them to the kitchen, and start hammering away to "install" them.  This, of course, isn't how carpet is actually installed, but we were instructed to stay out of the installer's way, and while we lingered in other areas of the house we definitely heard hammering so the kids naturally assumed you just nail the carpet straight to the floor. Oh, well, works for me!

Now Joe has been installing our laminate wood floors on the main level and all the kids (Caroline included) are intensely interested in "helping."  I'd say they're much more on the money this time! And I'm super glad they don't just try to straight-up hammer on the new floor, as this type of flooring can't take quite the beating that carpet squares and bathroom rugs can.

Need any housework done?  They're up for hire.


Kari and Jonathan said...

I definitely see many projects in your kids future! This morning after Jonathan left I was sad I didn't come to Denver. Especially now that I get a peek at those beautiful floors!!

Kathy said...

Those boys are so cute!

Eric and Amy said...

You guys have gotten so many projects done on your house! Way to go! After our demolition of tile Espen was all about the "demo". We had to keep a close eye on him and those tools!