Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Summer's almost here, and Joy school is almost over!  I've really enjoyed Joy school, I think the curriculum is fun and engaging without being all work or all play.  The underlying theme of joy school is to help the children learn to love learning, and to create rules and themes that coincide with parenting like "creativity" and "security and love" and "individuality," not just the ABC's and numbers and those type things. If you'd like to know more check out www.valuesparenting.com for the rundown.  Anyway, we've done SO many projects and sung SO many songs and read SO many stories I obviously can't (and wouldn't want to) include them all.  Here are some fun highlights, though...

We read "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" and then acted it out using a chair as the bridge.  Michael and Patrick took turns playing the troll.

We also made "About Me" books which included all kinds of pictures and collages they had made about themselves their families. Here's where you can throw up because I'm posting this picture Patrick drew that I think is SO AMAZING (that's your gag reflex cue).  As I read through blog archives last night I came across his first recognizable picture, a frog, and I'd said I was excited to see his stick-figure families in the future... well, I think we skipped straight over stick figures! I about fell over when he brought the picture to me, complete with hearts in everyone's chests. He wrote all the names himself, but needed help spelling Caroline.

Finally, we did some interviews today to begin wrapping up our time together and sing our "Joy school pep song," which I totally screwed up the first time around. Anyway, fun times!  We'll have to start looking for families in Pueblo who would like to do it, too.


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Kari and Jonathan said...

Let's just send that kid to college because he's a GENIUS! :) I think I know a few girls that would like to do joy school (myself included!).