Monday, May 7, 2012

Denver Do

I think I should start listing the things I'd like to do in Denver as an incentive to get me to do them, though I have a feeling it will turn into a kick-myself list when we finally leave. We have no official dates on anything, so I don't even know how quickly I should be trying to get all of this done, but I'm assuming late June is a safe bet.

- Cinebarre.  From what I understand it involves two of my favorite things: eating and lazily watching a movie.  Why haven't I done this before?

- Cinzetti's Italian buffet.  I went there long ago with a boyfriend far, far away and LOVED it, and he was a jerk. How much MORE would I enjoy it if I were with someone attractive, fun, who has a bigger appetite than me (always embarrassing to eat more than your manorexic date [you read me, manorexic]), and who can hold up his end of a conversation?  Loads more, I'm sure.

- The Zoo.  Loved it then, love it now, just don't have a membership at the moment so I'll bite the bullet one more time and pay full admission price. Maybe Joe can come, too!

- Rockies game.  We haven't been to tons, but we love going to games together and, again, eating.  Funny how a Coke and a bag of peanuts can make your day.  Always helpful if they win, too.

- All our favorite parks.  That's quite a few, too!  So, like, at least 1 different park each week oughtta do it.  I just need to map them out and find errands that coincide since some of them are a bit of a drive. Fortunately, Jeanette's visit got Big Dry Creek already checked off the list!
- Denver Museum of Nature and Science.  Joe went with my dad, BIL (right, Brian? Am I making this up?), and some of the kiddos and said it was so great, but I've never been.  And unless I make a quick stop before June, I probably never will!

- Joe's job site.  Better make that one happen in the next 2 weeks, otherwise it might be a li'l awkward, if ya know what I mean. But it's always great to go see how my husbands never-ending hours are being spent :)  Makes it seem almost worth it!  Almost. Almost.
-Joe's grandma (and extended family - cousins, aunts, uncles in the nearby area who gather at Joe's grandma's home).  Make a few more meaningful trips, get the recipe for her homemade chicken-n-noodle soup, and then breath a little easier knowing I don't have to hear how she is sure she had gestational diabetes (65 years ago), that her husband didn't help change diapers (65 years ago), and now she can't have anything with gluten in it because she's on a gluten-free diet EXCEPT for this donut that she's going to "sneak." I know she's old and it's just me, I need to not be annoyed, but it's tough since I can't go over there without me.  Everywhere I go I drag me along, and me gets annoyed at those old stories.

What else would you guys put on your Denver list? Am I missing anything major (or minor)?


Eric and Amy said...

Sounds like a list that will keep you busy. I agree you should check out the nature/science/history museum.

Lolly said...

I love this list! Denver has so much to offer! You are leaving right as we are moving there! :(

Elsha said...

Brian says you did make that up, he wasn't there. Don't they have some alpine slides near Golden? Add that to the list. And tour Coors Brewery before you go! HA.

Schmidt Family said...

Behind the downtown REI is a little trolly rain that runs long the platt river and gives a little tour. Its cheap, quick adn my kids love it! If you go downtown sometime you should try it!

Rachel said...

Just say NO to Cinzetti's! That place is nasty. But to each his own I suppose.

And remember when we went on a double date to a Rockies game? So fun. It was actually more like you and I and Jeff and Joe were on dates, but whatever.

Bailey Tice said...

You must go to the Museum of Natural History- you will love it and so will the boys!

As for that movie theatre that sounds like a good idea as well- we love the one like that up here in Portland.